Empowering Writers 2020 Catalogue


Empowering Writers will partner with your district to provide a customized professional development plan that can include any of the following: Alignment of Curriculum Documents: Through a collaborative effort of your district’s literacy team and EW, the language and instruction of EW will be layered into the existing curriculum documents. This will provide a road map that ensures pacing and alignment of expectations between EW coaches, school administrators and support staff, and all teachers. It has been the experience at EW that this consistency in language and practice, along with a well- defined road map, ensures the most success for teachers. Modeled Lessons: The EW coach will plan and execute requested modeled lessons in designated classrooms. The coach will discuss the lesson prior to delivering it, teach the lesson with the professional staff observing, debrief from the lesson, answer questions, and create an action plan for next steps. Observation/Feedback: Each participating teacher will schedule with the EW coach to observe a modeled lesson in their classroom. The lesson will be shared with the coach prior to the visit with pre-conferencing by phone available. A debriefing session will take place following the lesson. Student Samples: The EW coach along with classroom teachers and support staff would come together to evaluate student work. Each teacher would be responsible for bringing evidence of the lessons taught in the form of student samples. These samples would be analyzed using the EW rubrics. The discussion will center on improvement of student work by giving specific feedback both orally and in writing in relationship to the skills taught. Action steps for future teaching would be created at this time. Test Prep: The EW Coach will guide teachers in preparing for a timed assessment. The coach will discuss reading and understanding a prompt, making quick decisions during the prewriting/ planning phase, and having time management strategies in place that will help maximize what students are able to produce in a given amount of time. Implementation Support: Campus instructional coaches and administrators are a vital part of coaching cycles with ongoing conversations and routine classroom visits to support progress. The EW Coach will provide resources and meet with the district’s instructional support team to develop strong accountability that ensures that the Empowered Classrooms are consistently using EW language during class discussions, have instructional posters accessible during lessons, and are displaying student work highlighting learned skills.


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