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Getting Ready to Write for Kindergarten with Reading, Writing & Art Connections

Getting Ready to Write These guides are jam-packed with lessons to integrate narrative, informational, and opinion writing throughout your curriculum. Students will learn to recognize genre and author’s purpose, articulate ideas that will be expressed in writing (oral language precedes written), and engage in grade-specific lessons. Foundational concepts are built through a wide variety of lessons including: • Genre and author’s purpose • Summarizing • Expressing opinions • Responding to text

Getting Ready to Write for Grade 1 with Reading, Writing & Art Connections

by Dea Paoletta Auray, Barbara Mariconda & Kathy Howell


by Dea Paoletta Auray, Barbara Mariconda & Kathy Howell


– fiction and non-fiction • Powerful vocabulary building • Research opportunities

• Drawing and labeling • Informational writing • Narrative Writing

The final section of the resource includes a series of reading/writing and art connections to make the reading-writing connection come alive in the classroom. English and Spanish versions of all student pages are accessible digitally for print and projection via a link provided in the resource.

Print and

versions available.

Kindergarten Preview Grade 1 Preview K-1 Activity Cards This supplemental product is for use with our Getting Ready to Write guides. All of the reproducible activities from the book are now ready-made for you, on brightly colored sturdy cards, eliminating the need for photocopying. This bright, cheerful, color- coded set of over 100 cards is the perfect convenient complement to Getting Ready to Write. Available in English and Spanish.


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