Industry Focus - Optical Connections 2020


Sterlite’s Mantra TM, ready-to-fit FTTx solution

Wave2Wave’s ROME Mini expands autonomous network with robots

Physical layer automation specialist Wave2Wave Solution has introduced a small form factor robotic fibre switch, ROME Mini. The company has expanded its ROME product portfolio to include the Mini in response to the fast-growing demands of edge computing, 5G, IoT, and AI as those technologies flex to support a new generation of applications such as self-driving cars. ROME Mini is sized at 19 inches making it rack mountable for data centre installation, as well as the ideal size for locations where optical fibres are running, such as sub-sea cable landing stations, outlying mobile backhaul facilities or the limited space under the floor. With its more than 200 fibre capacity, ROME Mini offers a lower price point of entry

Of the many new products on show at ECOC 2019, some of the smallest ones can be the most significant. A prime example is Rapstrap, which has launched what it claims is a revolutionary cable tie. Building on the experience gained with the original rapstrap – now known as the Classic, the company has developed the i-Tie (intelligent tie) as a more efficient alternative to the standard nylon cable tie. i-Tie, a cabling revolution? providers to swiftly roll-out FTTx networks at massive scale, near-zero response time and great agility at optimised costs. Sterlite commented that more than 55 per cent of the 7.6 billion people in the world are using the Internet today: “As they use more and more devices, content and apps, global annual IP traffic is growing exponentially, and is expected to reach 7 Zettabyte by 2020. Read the full story here. Sterlite Tech, a global data network solutions company, has launched its Fibre To The x (FTTx) solution – known as FTTx Mantra TM. It made its debut at the recent FTTH Conference 2019. Built as an end-to- end solution, FTTx Mantra TM is designed to empower communication service

while providing significant CAPEX and OPEX savings for network operators via automation. Read the full story here.

Emtelle’s internal/external FTTH solution

Emtelle, the provider of blown fibre and ducted network solutions, has launched its HomeConnect cable, a pre- connectorised cabling system that can be installed for internal and external use. The offering is designed to deliver significant time and cost savings to fibre operators, said the firm. The small and flexible cable features a 3mm Low Fire Hazard (LFH) sheath for internal use which is covered by a slideable and adjustable 5mm PE sheath for external use. “Emtelle HomeConnect is the only solution on the market to feature this slideable and adjustable sheath,” the company said. The product comes pre-terminated with an LC or SC connector at the house end,

iand reduces the skills and tools required by operators deploying fibre- to-the-home (FTTH) connections, cutting the time and cost of installations. Read the full story here.

INNO’s high magnification fusion splicer INNO Instrument Inc, a global developer of optical communications products and testing solutions, is showcasing what it claims is the world’s most advanced ribbon splicer, the View 12R, at OFC. To ensure fast and precise connectivity, fibres need to be spliced in a highly-visible environment

with optimal lighting and magnification during the splicing process. With this in mind, INNO Instrument developed the View 12R which features the world’s highest magnification rate, of 250x with a simple double tap zoom for ultimate control. Read the full story here.

When a tie has been made with an i-Tie and the end is cut off, the remainder of the tie can be used for successive ties until only 5% or less of the original tie remains, depending on the diameter of the cables being tied. Read the full story here.



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