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Larger cable diameter, more power and greater opportunities at a great price! NANOFLOW MAX

M ade to accommodate various challenges in the FTTH market, the new NanoFlow MAX fiber blowing machine from Fremco A/S now has the capacity of blowing fiber from 0.8 mm up to 4.5 mm micro cables! With this 50% increase in cable diameter, the competitively priced machine can now blow both blown fibre (EPFU) and micro/ nano cables. This way you can perform various fiber deployment jobs, making it the most versatile fiber blowing machine within the FTTH market. The NanoFlow MAX still has its distinctive small size and only weighs 2.8 kg, making it lightweight and handy in the field. It is easy and quick to open and close by hand when inserting fiber/micro cable. Its adjustable clamping force gives the machine a secure grip around the cable diminishing damage to the fiber/cable, making the machine more powerful than it looks. Head of Research and Development at Fremco, Hans Jacob Møller, explains the reason for the birth of the machine: “The NanoFlow MAX is a response to market requests. The market wanted a simple, strong and well-priced machine for FTTH. NanoFlow MAX is extremely easy to setup, operate and disassemble, and with the significant increase in adjustable push and grip force it has truly become the ‘Swiss knife’ within FTTH equipment.”

IMPROVEMENTS: • Cable diameter has increased by 50% (From 3.0 mm to 4.5 mm) • Cable duct diameter has increased from 10 mm to 12.7 mm • Equipped with an adjustable clamping force that gives a better grip around the cable, thus diminishing fiber damage • Tools free installation NANOFLOWMAX PERFORMING IN THE FIELD The machine has been tested on an IEC test track and it performed! In a 1000 m IEC test track, a 4.5 mmmicro cable was blown in a 12/8 mm duct. Out of several tests, NanoFlow MAX reached an average of 430-450 m without lubrication and a stunning 550 m with lubrication. NanoFlow MAX is only designed to reach a couple of hundred meters when blowing micro cables of 3.0-4.5 mm, but due to great fiber blowing technique and lubrication it can reach so much more. When blowing fiber of 0.8-3 mm, the NanoFlow MAX can reach up to 1200 m during installation. The machine is fully automatic and equipped with Fremco’s unique fiber protection technology, stopping the fiber cable if it meets any obstacles during installation. This secures the best installation job without fiber damage, whilst it diminishes need for extra technicians.

Contact Fremco at for further information on NanoFlow MAX or other Fremco products. NanoFlowMAX specifications: Fiber/micro cable diameter 0.8-4.5 mm Microduct diameter 3.0-12.7 mm Blowing distance Up to 1200m Blowing speed Up to 125 m/min Recommended pressure Max. 10 bar and airflow (200 l/min) Pushing Force 2 kg Weight 2.8 kg Length 212 mm Width 104 mm Height 139 mm

WHO IS FREMCO A/S? Fremco is an innovative Danish

company. Since the mid-90s, Fremco has specialized in the development and production of fiber optic blowing machines. Today, Fremco is ISO 9001 certified and offers a large range of fiber blowing machines and accessories covering all dimensions of fiber cables and ducts

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