Industry Focus - Optical Connections 2020

ECOC 2019

As a presenter at Market Focus, it’s always a great opportunity to present our vision on topics that are important to us. Sitting in the audience, we get to hear what our peers and fellow ecosystems see as important trends and what their perspective is.

Thomas Liljeberg, GM Photonic Integration, Intel Corporation.

Autonomous driving also featured on the agenda when Dr Pauline Rigby, consultant, LightCounting Market Research took to the stage. Turning the talk towards demand for lasers for 3D sensing, Rigby delivered comment on recent developments such as the use of facial recognition in smartphone technology, a shift that Rigby highlights as a turning point in the market. Rigby gave the packed auditorium her predictions for the future as she presented the latest reports on lasers use in automotive lidar. The final afternoon’s Market Focus topics had the crowds engaged again, as Robert Blum director of Strategic Marketing and New Business for Intel Silicon Photonics Products Division stepped up to present. Blum delved deep into sensing, outlining

as Verizon delivered a first-of-a kind presentation on how to detect vehicle speed, density and transport conditions using deployed fibre carrying high-speed data transmission. Verizon speaker, Glenn Wellbrock, cited that the use of fibre networks could potentially double the values of a carrier’s fibre assets to provide a significant environmental monitoring system to serve different applications. Also featured was Dr. Sanjai Parthasarathi, Vice President, Strategic Marketing at II-VI Inc. Covering innovations in Photonics and current trends and opportunities for the latest innovations, Parthasarathi addressed transformational megatrends as well as looking in depth at the opportunities and challenges they represent.

countries but also gave detailed insight into levels of fibre-coverage and take-up rates across the continent. Sessions presented by Nokia, Infinera and Source Photonics concluded day one, which saw 5G once again taking the limelight as challenges in 5G Optical Interfaces and Modules were considered. Source Photonics’ speaker, Manish Mehta EVP, PLM gave insight into his review of state-of-the-art higher speed laser technologies as he channelled the discussion towards the various optical interfaces that are widely expected to be utilised for 5G applications. After lunch, delegates were still hungry for more from the day two Market Focus speakers as sessions on service and content provider optical transmissions began. As the first half of day two as Market Focus rolled on, presentations from Lightwave Logic on meeting the new challenges of 400, 800, and 1600 Gbaud data rates, Hewlett Packard Enterprise on green supercomputing, and Acacia Communications on coherent technology contributed to the buzz around a successful morning of talks on photonics integration and digital silicon photonics. Martin Zirngibl, Corporate Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Finisar began the second half of the day exploring the cross-over from pluggable modules to co-packaged optics, the changes this will cause, and what this will mean for the industry. This year’s carefully selected Market Focus speakers captivated the audiences with a unique and expert analysis of the topics. For the first time this year at ECOC, New Markets were put under the spotlight

The popularity of the Market Focus sessions was evidenced by the number of people that couldn’t get in.



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