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TOP PRODUCTS IN 2019 From network architecture to cable ties, 2019 saw a plethora of new products and here, we list just a few. They are not listed in any particular order, but we think each product will, in its own way, have a significant impact on some aspect of the optical communications industry in the coming year and beyond.

Infinera’s XR Optics

EXFO’s Optical Explorer

Every once in a very rare while, a

Canada-based test and monitoring company EXFO launched Optical Xplorer™, the first optical fibre multimeter (OFM).

technology comes along that feels like a game-changer and XR Optics, which the vendor describes as “the industry’s first point-to-multipoint coherent optical subcarrier aggregation technology optimised for hub-and-spoke traffic pattern,”

EXFO says the Optical Xplorer makes fibre testing simple for all frontline

technicians, beginner, or

does seem to fall into that category. Essentially, XR Optics utilises independently routable Nyquist subcarriers and coherent optical aggregation capabilities to divide a single high-speed wavelength into multiple low-baud-rate subcarriers. Rob Shore, Infinera’s SVP Marketing told Optical Connections, “Historically, if you pick 16 destinations, each of which required 100G of connectivity, you would need to put a 100G laser in each of those destinations. Then at the aggregation location there would be a device to

expert—radically speeding up the process while

manage the traffic. On that device there would have to be 16 additional 100G transceivers. With XR Optics, there only needs to be a single 400G transceiver at the aggregation site, meaning that instead of 32 lasers, only 17 are required and instead of 16 ports, only one is needed.” Of course, the success of XR Optics in 2020 will depend heavily on the industry’s willingness to invest in the solution. Read the full story here.

empowering them to do more on- site. The device verifies optical links in seconds, and if faults are suspected, it finds and identifies them automatically. EXFO unveiled this new product category simultaneously at ANGA COM, Europe’s leading broadband exhibition; and at Fibre Connect, North America’s premier event for fibre broadband professionals. Read the full story here.

HUBER+SUHNER’s copperless link to the antenna

HUBER+SUHNER has launched a Direct GPS-over-Fibre (GPSoF) solution which it claims is the first of its kind to facilitate a fibre optic connection to be made directly onto an antenna, eliminating the need for a separate power line. This new capability, the company says, has the potential to revolutionise the remote

antenna application landscape by addressing power constraints at the remote end. It is expected to provide significant benefits to installations within the aerospace and defence markets Read the full story here.



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