FFAC "Into the Light" Art & Artists Catalog August 30, 2021

Exhibit Schedule:

Off campus visitors may view exhibit on Saturdays and Sundays, beginning September 4 and 5, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Woodberry Forest residents and staff may view the exhibit August 30 through October 30 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Vaccination and mask requirement:

All who attend the exhibit and reception are required to be vaccinated and wear a mask.


"Into the Light" Art & Artists Catalog August 31, 2021

From Firnew founder and director, Trish Crowe:

"The Firnew Farm Artists' Circle is coming out of the pandemic with our third group art exhibition of 2021. "Into the Light" is open from August 30 – October 30, with off campus visitor hours restricted to Saturdays and Sundays from 10 – 5. This is our ninth annual exhibition at Woodberry Forest. It is a privilege and an honor to continue this special collaboration with artist and curator Kelly Lonergan. Our 40+ artists now extend beyond Virginia and work in varied media and have used this time to re-examine what it means to be a creative artist. We are returning to Woodberry Forest for our second exhibit of 2021 and were challenged to consider the new normal and embraced Into the Light in that spirit. The work is beautiful. It is provocative. It is thoughtful. It is also a testament of a group of artists coming into maturity in full blossom: textured, compelling, and pushing their edge. We encourage you to visit us in person, and on the web in the comfort of your home or office. You can explore our individual artists websites and hear their unique stories. Firnew's featured artists for the "Into the Light" exhibition are Carole Pivarnik and Mary Allen. Both artists exhibit their work and maintain working studios at Gallery 3 in the Sperryville (VA) schoolhouse complex."


In the words of featured artist Mary Allen:

"Fascinated by the way watercolors bloom and blend in a way that other mediums can never do, the results surprise and delight me as I develop my paintings of the ordinary in still life, landscape, lace and florals. I love the bright sparkling colors and light one can only capture with that medium and sometimes add a little whimsy with metallics, fiber and collage for fun! With great attention to detail and layering, I strive to capture the moment and bring into the light yet one more piece of love this beautiful world has to offer!"

In the words of featured artist Carole Pivarnik:

"My work explores the layers and intersections that occur within and between natural and human-made environments. I am inspired by satellite and microscopic imagery, digital and organic networks, and the forces that change environments. As a non- representational painter, I express myself through layers of rich color augmented by lines and patterns derived from mark-making tools or by dripping water through wet paint. I work primarily in acrylics or gouache."


To purchase artworks from this exhibition:

Email FirnewFarmArtistsCircle@gmail.com with the name of the work(s) you wish to purchase along with your preferred contact information (email or telephone). You will be contacted to discuss method of payment, any additional charges, and process for delivery of the work(s). To view the "Into the Light" Video in late September go to https://www.FirnewFarmArtistsCircle.com and from the menu, select Exhibits.

Learn more about the Firnew artists and view additional works at https://www.firnewfarmartistscircle.com/current-artists/


Featured Artist

Mary Allen

Mary Allen Summer Morning Watercolor 15 x 15 $886

" Summer’s morning begins By splashing sleep away And picking flowers for the table!"

Additional paintings by Mary Allen are on pages 43 – 45


Featured Artist

Carole Pivarnik

Carole Pivarnik Lightfall #1 Acrylic 40 x 30 x 1.5 $750

"This abstract landscape explores the cascade of ethereal light as if it were a liquid flowing across the terrain of a mountain forest."

Additional paintings by Carole Pivarnik are on pages 46 - 52


Barbie Babcock Anahata Acrylic 40 x 30 $750

"Anahata, the name of my painting, is the Sanskrit word for the heart chakra. The two subjects, Brady and Archer represent for me how the heart leads to the light. As long as you have light in your heart through the ones whom you love and loving yourself that light brings us through the darkness."


Leslie Barham Reaching Acrylic and handmade paper 28 x 22 x 1.5 $900

"After the dormancy of the winter garden, each day of spring reveals another treasure emerging from the warmed earth and reaching for the sun. My acrylic painting, "Reaching" focuses on the emergence of a new hollyhock and its growth toward the light."


John Berry Sunrise from the Allegheny Plateau Cyanotype contact print 16 x 20 $375

"The view is looking east from the Allegheny Plateau at Dolly Sods, West Virginia. At end of a three-week trip out west, where we were in awe of some of the western scenery in Utah and Colorado, we made a stop at Dolly Sods in West Virginia on our way home. While the west is spectacular, I feel like the Dolly Sods area was more beautiful than anywhere we'd visited on our trip. The meadows full of wildflowers, rhododendron still in bloom, and with daytime temperatures in the 60's we felt like we were in heaven. And it's only three hours from home! Cyanotype is one of the earliest printing processes, the method having been discovered in 1842. Because of all the variables in the process, including the hand application of the sensitizing chemistry, each print is unique and one of a kind."


Maria Festa Carter Beginning, Again Acrylic 30 x 40 x 1.5 $625

" The pandemic allowed me time to try different ways of applying liquid acrylics, including the use of different applicators and techniques. I worked on this painting every day for several weeks in order to give the paint time to dry between layers which resulted in a multi-layering effect, This painting represents the emergence from the restrictions and isolation due to COVID and the beginning of a new way of looking at my art."


Trish Crowe Maidenhood Watercolor

28 x 22 $2,500

"Maidenhood is my watercolor coming out of the isolation of the pandemic. I went to the master painters for my inspiration. Henri Rousseau, was a great source: intensely creative, primitive and full of imagination. I chose all nocturnal animals and bathed them in the moonlight with the fireflies."


Anne Dean Reaching for Sunlight Watercolor 20 x 32 $460

"The inspiration for this painting was a day at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. The sunlight brushed the water and left only sparkles. A beautiful bunch of hibiscus leaned toward the ocean hoping to drink up the light."


Bonnie Dixon Light Above, Light Within Acrylic and oil on canvas 16 x 20 $780

"This painting combines two iconic images, Starry Night, by Vincent van Gogh, and the Cape Hatteras Light Station on the coast of North Carolina. My intent is to depict the cosmic interrelationship we have with all creation. A surprising discovery I made when I began to paint is, the shapes van Gogh gave the night sky at the bottom of his painting could also be interpreted as waves on a rising sea. Given the environmental crises we now face I used these shapes to make that association. It is my attempt to pay homage to the wonder of it all while expressing the temporary and fragile nature of our human attempts at safety and preservation."


Kitty Dodd If I Could Create an Iris Oil on canvas 24 x 18 $695

"As an artist, I know that creative imagination is a very important aspect in creating a piece. Flowers have always captured my imagination…they can be seen as so many different images. And the colors……oh, the colors of flowers are so glorious! So I created an Iris with wonderful shapes and in colors that I love. It stands out on its own…as Nature should."


Patty Kennedy Hudson Ilisse Acrylic on canvas 24 x 36 $800

"Lambing season is a beautiful but exhausting time for the farmer. Ilisse gave birth to a single lamb March 25, 2021, just as we all were scrambling to get vaccinated. To me, this image captured the essence of the time, new life, love and care for one another, and hope for the future."


Frances Kloker Lacy The Colors of Light Mixed Media, fabric and thread 19 x 27.5 $1,500


Sue Linthicum Shade of the Tree Watercolor 12 x 16 $750

"Enjoying a friend's farm, my happiness in the country."


Stephanie Mendlow Sky and Water Oil on canvas 24 x 18 $900

"I am enthralled with color, light and translucence."


Larry Patterson Coming Forward Photography 12 x 18 $375

"With 2020 being a lost year for most, it has been nice seeing more and more people enjoying the great outdoors. In this image, the angler and his boat stand out, coming forward out of a dark background."


Jon Perry Bohemian Hideaway Acrylic 30 x 24 $800

"My wife, Mary, and I were in Prague, Czech Republic, the center of Bohemia, staying at a hotel within the walls of the Strahov Monastery. We discovered a very small strudel restaurant just outside the wall where busloads of tourists were streaming by. We carried our strudels up a narrow winding staircase to the second floor. There we were struck by the cozy atmosphere reflected in this painting. Afternoon sunlight streamed into the dimly lit space onto the dark table, illuminating a lacy flower arrangement. It felt to us like an oasis, a place of refuge and peace amid the crush of tourists. Mary captured this impression in a photograph on which the painting is based."


Justine Platt Sweeping Away the Darkness Sweet birch limb, broom corn, nylon cord, leather hanger and herbs. 66 x 12 $195

"We are all needing more light in our lives this year. The color of the goldenrod is a symbol of hope, joy, and good luck. Tansy symbolized protection, resistance, and good health. Yarrow has two meanings of healing and love. St. John's Wort flowers are used as a mood-enhancer and antidepressant."


Cheryl Ragland Catching the Sun Sterling silver and crystals 4 x 3.5 $125

"This suncatcher captures the essence of what I feel, moving forward after the worst of the pandemic. At home, I keep a suncatcher at my entrance. And when the sun strikes it, it never fails to make me smile and imparts a sense of optimism and joy."


Chee Kludt Ricketts Beyond the Light Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas 24 x 36 x 1.5 $1,800

"This acrylic painting was created in my studio, but it is loosely based on a view that I see in the early mornings - both spring and fall - when the light is crystalline, and the shadows are deep. There's a period in both seasons when the trees, in first bloom and again at the end of their annual foliage growth, are vibrantly colored and yet the grasses are green. It's a magical time for enjoying the richness of color. My technique for working with acrylics is to tone the canvas with a coat of Cadmium Red Medium acrylic paint. I favor this pigment because it falls in the exact middle of the value scale between darkest darks and lightest lights. Once toned, I begin by blocking in my shapes using a dark neutral color. Initially, the painting progresses quickly because I use a large brush to establish the darks and largest shapes. As I develop the approximate values, the process slows down: my brushes become smaller, the details begin to emerge and are more precisely rendered. I usually add my lightest lights at the end of the process. The Cadmium Red Medium adds a sparkle of light, appearing as tiny dashes of color in random areas of the canvas where I have not completely covered it."


Janice Rosenberg Magical Light Water based oil 24 x 18 $600

"The light in the forest can be enchanting. In this painting I have used colors and glazes to create some of that magic."


Mack Rowe Light Search Watercolor 7 x 11 $375

"The Light! The light! Sing the Light! Search it out for its warming glow. See life's colors in each living moment. Be in the Light, for it is Life."


Sara Schneidman Lightening Up/2021 Watercolor on canvas

16 x 40 $1,500

"To me it seems we are living in a time of bright lights and dark shadows: wonderful creativity and personal freedom as well as unspeakable violence and suffering. It is a time of great truths and great lies. I long for a time of justice, equality, love and peace for all but it feels like a dream. My painting is my attempt to express my hope and my experience of the reality of the moment."


Bertha Scholten Blue Ridge Sunset Oil 9 x 12 $250

“Sunset over the Blue Ridge is special to those of us who can view it daily, as I can from the porch of my house.”


Cecilia Schultz Oasis Acrylic 48 x 38 x 1.25 $950

"In Egypt on a camel, all of a sudden you see something in the very, very distance. An oasis. It's already bright in the desert, but when you spot the seemingly boiling air, miles away, you know it is a refuge from the heat. You hope it's water and if there is water there is growth."


Jan Settle Lights of My Life Alcohol ink 16 x 12 $350

"Alcohol ink is an unpredictable medium, sure to give you unexpected results every time. The vivid colors represent the heat of the summer day in a Florida park, with shadows and light surrounding the figures. The photograph of my daughter and grandson was so precious to me, it begged to be painted. Capturing a moment in time is always my goal when painting and I feel one is instantly brought back to this time and this place in this piece"


Ida Simmons Hopeful Oil on canvas panel 12 x 9 $250

"Cherry blossoms symbolize emergence. This tree proclaims a new season and promises that the natural world will go on as it always has. Yet, there is a puzzling element partially hidden behind the tree: solar panels. This composition is quite outside my comfort zone because, heretofore, I have edited out distracting objects. In this painting, however, I included the solar panels 1) to emphasize their use of light, and 2) to help the viewer accept shiny, bright manmade objects in the natural world."


Cindy Stegmeier Seizing Sunbeams Photography 8 x 10 $200


Susan Stover Returning Acrylic and pencil 14 x 11 $750


Patricia Temples Light in the Blue Ridge Tunnel Photography 18 x 24 $300

Nelson and Augusta Counties, Virginia Under the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive

"A trip through this historic railroad tunnel is exciting and a bit claustrophobic. It is totally dark in the tunnel, so to travel from one end to the other and back again requires a flashlight and/or a headlamp. It is a constant 50 degrees inside the tunnel and there is water dripping from the rocks on either side. As my companion and I approached the far end of the tunnel light began to flow in through the archway, and condensation from the water drops created a foggy condition. I asked this couple who had just passed us if they would pose for a photograph, and they gladly complied. I thought it conveyed Into the Light perfectly."


Gail Trimmer-Unterman Mountainside Foxgloves Watercolor 16 x 12 $400

"Foxgloves always make me smile and when I look at them the day seems a little brighter. So last year, 2020, I planted Foxgloves on this side of my mountain and they did bloom this past spring. The flowers in a variety of colors did make me smile and brighten the garden at a time when the world seemed to fall apart."


Tina Wade Autumn Beech Oil

30 x 24 $1,100

"The American beech tree lights up the Virginia forest in the fall."


Barb Wallace A Glimpse of Hope Oil 24 x 24 $500

"As our ferry departed, and I watched the Statue of Liberty recede from view, I thought that Americans are in need of hope today every bit as much as our ancestors, who came to this country to escape persecution, violence and rule by a tyrant. We hope that knowledge, justice, and truth will prevail, and that once again our country is a beacon of hope that democracy will survive."


Vickie Watts Light and Shadow Ecoprint on raw silk with Dogwood branch and Magnolia leaves 20 x 20 x 7 $240 "A branch with leaves comes “Into the Light'' from a background of raw silk eco printed with local leaves. As the branch emerges to meet the light, shadows appear. This interplay of light and shadow reminds me, as Tolstoy said, “ . . . all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow”. "


Carol Weiss South River Fantasy Watercolor/gouache 20 x 13 $400

"I have walked and painted beside the South River in Greene County more times than I can count. I created this piece entirely from my imagination; it’s a departur e from my normally realistic painting. It expresses the dreaminess I feel when I think about the beautiful winding river in summer, its waters low, flowing lazily southeast toward the sun."


Patricia Williams The Only Way Out is Onward Watercolor 10 x 18 $500

"The Only Way Out Is Onward was inspired by the experience of driving through the Merrimac Monitor Bridge Tunnel, which crosses the James River in Suffolk, Virginia. I love the way the lights from the cars and the tunnel illumination make me feel like I am on the verge of the jump to hyperspace, and I especially love the way you can see the light pouring in at the end of the tunnel when you begin the ascent. You are still in darkness, you still feel the burden of the water above you, but you know that the darkness will soon be past. This piece was originally painted as a vertical with the brown at the top giving a sense of the weight above. However, and this is really the point of critique, numerous colleagues preferred it as a horizontal. So why not? I like it better that way myself."


Claudia Wisdom-Good Evening Light Oil and cold wax 12 x 36 x 2 $425

"The theme of our Into the Light Show this fall after such a long dark tunnel is important for reflection. How, in many ways, the Pandemic has thrust the best (and sometimes the worst) of many different life-changing situations on most of us. No one has been left unscathed. The positivity of the pause, the unchosen time for much privacy and quiet, the time to reflect, grow and change has been ever so important to me as a member of a rural art community and as a person pivoting with the changes. This sweet country road in Madison County is a road to new light."


Richard Wyvill Sunny Summer Morning Oil 20 x 32.5 $900

"The air is fresh and cool. The birds and insects have been up and on the move. The dew on the grass is drying. The remainder of the night, still sleeping in the shadows, is retreating. The hot part of the day is coming."


Richard Young Overshadowed Oils on canvas 20 x 16 $465

"Beyond this Montpelier barn in shadow the summer sky and fields invite the viewer "Into the Light."


Additional Paintings by Mary Allen

Mary Allen Mary, Mary Quite Contrary Watercolor, gel pens 14 x 14 $865

"Contrary Mary! How beautifully Your garden grows Like a riot by your gate!"


Mary Allen Summer Day Watercolor 15 x 15 $886

"The day is warm and The fan breeze Is cooling While shadows play!"


Mary Allen Sunshine of My Life Watercolor 14 x 14 $865

"Sunlight pours over hills and fields Bringing the Earth to life Bringing happiness for me!"


Additional Paintings by Carole Pivarnik

Carole Pivarnik Lightfall #2 Acrylic 18 x 24 x 1.5 $450

"This abstract landscape explores the cascade of warm light onto a cool hillside, running like lava in rivulets and streams across the terrain."


Carole Pivarnik Fire & Ice Acrylic Triptych: three panels, each 36 x 12 x 1.5 $1,400 for the triptych (panels may not be sold separately)

"This abstract work was inspired by the idea of the northern lights reflecting onto natural and man-made networks and structures in Iceland, as viewed from above."


Carole Pivarnik Wetlands #1 Acrylic 24 x 18 x 1.5 $450

"This abstract work was inspired by satellite imagery of human and animal trail networks in wetland areas."


Carole Pivarnik Motherlode #1 Acrylic 24 x 18 x 1.5 $450

"This abstract work was inspired by reading about the gobsmacking amount of resources we pull out of the earth. I find myself wondering when it will all run out and how much of it we squander on utterly unnecessary things that are destined for a landfill so soon after their manufacture."


Carole Pivarnik Time, Stacked Acrylic 12 x 36 x 1.5 $450

"This abstract work was inspired by thinking about the layers of history exposed or concealed over time due to natural or human events and activity. How much haven’t we discovered yet? Maybe some of it is better left alone!"


Carole Pivarnik Inferno Acrylic 12 x 12 x 1.5 $175

"Watching news reports of human structures and natural habitats burning in the wildfires that have been all too frequent the last few years, I worry that we are doing too little, too late, when it comes to climate change."


Carole Pivarnik Fresh Water Acrylic 12 x 12 x 1.5 $175

"This painting was inspired by the sparkling delight of dipping bare feet into a cold-flowing woodland creek on a hot summer day."


To purchase works of art from this exhibition

Email FirnewFarmArtistsCircle@gmail.com with the name of the work(s) you wish to purchase along with your preferred contact information (email or telephone). You will be contacted to discuss method of payment, any additional charges, and process for delivery of the work(s). To view the "Into the Light" Video in late September go to https://www.FirnewFarmArtistsCircle.com and from the menu, select Exhibits.

Learn more about the Firnew artists and view additional works at https://www.firnewfarmartistscircle.com/current-artists/


Index of Artists and Artwork

Allen, Mary: Summer Morning , page 5

Babcock, Barbie: Anahata, page 7

Barham, Leslie: Reaching , page 8

Berry, John: Sunrise from the Allegheny Plateau, page 9

Carter, Maria Festa: Beginning, Again , page 10

Crowe, Trish: Maidenhood , page 11

Dean, Anne: Reaching for Sunlight , page 12

Dixon, Bonnie: Light Above, Light Within , page 13

Dodd, Kitty: If I Could Create an Iris, page 14

Hudson, Patty: Ilisse, page 15

Lacy, Frances: The Colors of Light, page 16

Linthicum, Sue: Shade of the Tree, page 17

Mendlow, Stephanie: Sky and Water , page 18

Patterson, Larry: Coming Forward, page 19

Perry, Jon: Bohemian Hideaway, page 20

Pivarnik, Carole: Lightfall # 1 , page 6

Platt, Justine: Sweeping Away the Darkness, page 21

Ragland, Cheryl: Catching the Sun, page 22

Ricketts, Chee Kludt: Beyond the Light, page 23


Index of Artists and Artwork

Rosenberg, Janice: Magical Light, page 24

Rowe, Mack: Light Search, page 25

Schneidman, Sara: Lightening Up/2021, page 26

Scholten, Bertha: Blue Ridge Sunset, page 27

Schultz, Cecilia: Oasis, page 28

Settle, Jan: Lights of My Life, page 29

Simmons, Ida: Hopeful, page 30

Stegmeier, Cindy: Seizing Sunbeams, page 31

Susan Stover: Returning, page 32

Temples, Patricia: Light in the Blue Ridge Tunnel, page 33

Trimmer-Unterman, Gail: Mountainside Foxgloves, page 34

Wade, Tina: Autumn Beech, page 35

Wallace, Barb: A Glimpse of Hope, page 36

Watts, Vickie: Light and Shadow, page 37

Weiss, Carol: South River Fantasy, page 38

Williams, Patricia: The Only Way Out is Onward, page 39

Wisdom-Good, Claudia: Evening Light, page 40

Wyvill, Richard: Sunny Summer Morning, page 41

Young, Richard: Overshadowed, page 42


Index of Artists and Artwork

Additional painting by our featured artists Mary Allen and Carole Pivarnik

Allen, Mary: Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, page 43

Allen, Mary: Summer Day, page 44

Allen, Mary: Sunshine of My Life, page 45

Pivarnik, Carole: Lightfall #2, page 46

Pivarnik, Carole: Fire & Ice, page 47

Pivarnik, Carole: Wetlands #1, page 48

Pivarnik, Carole: Motherlode # 1, page 49

Pivarnik, Carole: Time, Stacked, page 50

Pivarnik, Carole: Inferno, page 51

Pivarnik, Carole: Fresh Water, page 52


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