MRF Stewardship Report Volume 5 FINAL

COVID-19 Response

NOTING A CRITICAL NEED IN THE MELANOMA COMMUNITY, PROVIDED FUNDING FOR TWO COVID-19 REGISTRIES ON THE TOPICS OF: l  The impact of COVID-19 on melanoma diagnosis and initial treatment, under the aegis of the NCI Melanoma Preventative Working Group l  Comparing how melanoma treatments affect COVID-19 infection and patient outcomes

“MELANOMA AND COVID-19” SECTION INCLUDED IN THE CCR PUBLICATION The State of Melanoma: Emergent Challenges and Opportunities

CONTINUED IMPACT OF COVID-19 PANDEMIC ON US MELANOMA PATIENTS (JANUARY 2021) Second COVID-19 survey distributed to the melanoma community, with topics related to access to care and social-emotional effects of the shutdown including loneliness, stress and anxiety. l 221 responses from 44 US states. l  75% reported access to telephone or videoconference appointments with a healthcare professional during the pandemic. l  85% reported increased anxiety caused by the pandemic. l  68% are experiencing difficulty staying connected with family and friends (compared to 52% in the first survey). l  38% reported disruptions to care (compared to 85% in the first survey).


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