MRF Stewardship Report Volume 5 FINAL

The Silverstein Family Gift BLENDING MISSION AND FAMILY:

A six-figure gift from MRF Board Member Steve Silverstein blended the things he values most in life — his commitment to the MRF and admiration of his wife and daughters — to create the Silverstein Family Research Challenge grant. With the specific intent of supporting women in science, this two-year grant is matched by the MRF and will provide funding for a post- doctorate fellow interested in beginning a research career focused on melanoma. Silverstein and his family value the importance of advancing research, noting “Our family is thrilled to be able to support continued research for a cure to melanoma through the MRF. The focus on Women in Science is especially rewarding and meaningful as so many women are coming into the field and making a significant impact. It is wonderful that the MRF would embrace this novel and important research grant opportunity.”

To learn how you can support the MRF with a donor-directed gift, please contact MRF Chief Development Officer Susan Vogel at


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