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I have a lot of longevity in my family. My grandmother, Meme Delia, died when she was 96 years old. She was a delightful old lady, and strong willed — she never took offense if we called her a “tough old broad.” When she was alive, she would tell us stories about her childhood and how, when she was growing up in the late 1800s, women didn’t have the rights they do today. The stories she told mostly revolved around her education. Delia would tell us how girls couldn’t go to school beyond the sixth grade, but that didn’t stop her. She loved learning and this, combined with indulging parents, allowed Meme to go to school for several years afterward. Lying about her age, her parents started to enroll her in different sixth grade schools so she could continue to

next decade or so after her death, he would cook his own meals, clean his house, shovel his driveway, and just take care of himself. There were times when I would go over to help shovel the driveway, but he’d tell me I was doing it wrong. He’d tell me to get inside and make a cup of coffee, and while I was doing that, he’d finish up the driveway by himself.

Pepe passed away at the age of 102, and my aunt and uncle were tasked with cleaning out my grandparents’ house. Some time after, we got a call from them, and they told us that we needed to get over there — they found information regarding Meme that we should all see. They had found more

learn. Then, later in life, she fell in love with Alex, my grandfather, and the two married just before the Great Depression. However, back then,

information regarding her birth and discovered that Delia had even lied to Alex about her age. She wasn’t five years older than we thought — she was 10! Meme Delia had passed away when she was 106 years old. I find it incredible that Meme had to lie about her age just so she could get a better education and marry the man she loved.

” In order to marry the man she loved, she had to lie about her age again.

Delia often talked about how young girls were treated back then. She would say how it was cruel to young girls to withhold something as important as education just because they were girls. Meme loved to read and learn, and she didn’t let society stop

women weren’t allowed to marry men younger than them, and Pepe was, by several years. So in order to marry the man she loved, she had to lie about her age again. When Delia passed away, Pepe called the family together to tell us what Meme had done, just to live her life. That was when we found out she was five years older than we thought, and that she actually passed away when she was 101 years old. Now, my grandfather was a hard worker and just as strong-willed as my grandmother. For the

her from doing that. She continued to read well into the last years of her life, especially history and travel books. She talked a lot about how lucky kids were in today’s age. These long summer months get me thinking about family and how far we’ve come because of our ancestors who fought for the rights we have today. It might be a good idea to take a few moments and appreciate the freedoms they’ve given us.

–Kirk Simoneau

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