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General Terms and Conditions  for  Laminate  Flooring   1. This Warranty applies  to  the  first owner and  the  first  installation of  the product and may not be   transferred. The  first owner  is defined as  the buyer of  the  installed product. This warranty only applies  to   first quality  Feather  Step  Laminate  Flooring and  remains effective  for  the  specified  term based on product   selected. This warranty  is  valid  for a period of 25  years when used  residentially and 5  years when used  in a   light  commercial application.   2. This warranty applies only  to defects  inherent  to  the material  supplied.  Included  in  this are any material   or production defects  including delaminating or  reduced  resistance of  the wear  layer.  It does not  include   reduced  resistance of product with beveled edges or wear with  in 1/4”  from  the plank edge. The  company   reserves  the  right  to  repair or  replace product, at  its option. When  replacement  is made, only new   replacement panels will be  furnished no other  form of  compensation will be  furnished. Responsibility   under  this warranty applies only  to hidden defects. These are defects  that were not  visible before or   during  installation. TP Brands  International,  Inc. will never be held  liable, nor will be  responsible  for   secondary damage.     3. This warranty applies  to product  that  is  installed according  to  Feather  Step  installation  instructions only   in  indoor  residential areas. Please  review  installation  instructions  carefully and adhere  to  them  strictly.     4. This warranty does not apply  to  flooring  that has been exposed  to abnormal  conditions or abused  in   any way. These  conditions  consist of damage  from  fire,  flood, weather events or any other  catastrophic   event.     5. This warranty will not apply  to  flooring  that has been damaged or exposed  to  the  following  conditions;     a. Extreme heat     b.  Standing water, Urine or any other human or animal by-­‐product or waste.     c. Water or moisture beneath  the  sub-­‐floor or  contained  in  the  sub-­‐floor.     d. Use of  improper  cleaning methods and materials.     e.  Installation  in bathrooms or any other areas where excessive moisture may be exhibited.     f. Exposure  to  chemicals or  industrial products.     g.  Improper  installation and  surface preparation. Please  read  installation  instructions prior  to   installation!   6. Under no  circumstance will TP Brands  International,  Inc.,  its  subsidiaries and or  its assigns, be   responsible  for any  loss of  time, expense,  labor  costs or any other  consequential damages  caused by, or   resulting directly or  indirectly,  from  a problem  about which a  claim was made.    

7. No other warranty, express or  implied  is  valid.    

Please  contact  your  local distributor or  retailer  for  further  inquiries.

TP brands  international,  Inc.  



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