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How To Order Cutting Availability URCs will be available weeks 30-20. For a complete listing of varieties and current availability, check the PSI website at Several varieties are shipped 2 cuttings for each cutting ordered, and denoted as 2:1 in the catalog and variety lists. Royalty All varieties denoted with a company logo or noted as protected are patented varieties, registered for plant protection or have a breeder’s fee. Propagation is strictly prohibited on these varieties. Claims To receive consideration, claims must be reported to PSI within seven days of receiving cuttings. Minimums The recommended minimum for an order is 2000 cuttings. Ipomoea produced in the United States has a separate minimum of 1000 cuttings. Shipping All orders are custom cleared in Atlanta, Miami, Toronto or Vancouver. Once cleared, shipments are delivered overnight by FedEx. Freight is included in the cutting cost. For Canadian shipments: Phytosanitary fee may be added to the invoice; Government Agency Fees are the responsibility of the recipient. Tags Tags for URCs can be ordered in increments of 100 per variety for everything PSI offers. Tags are required for patented varieties, but are not automatically shipped with your order. Tags for Terra Nova genetics or varieties are required and will be shipped to the customer. PSI Warranty PSI warrants to the extent of the purchase price that all cuttings are sold true to name and shall conform within recognized tolerances. No further warranty is expressed or implied as to future marketability. Purchaser shall be limited to the invoice value at the time of purchase of any product as its exclusive remedy to breach of warranty. Minimum per variety: 100; shipped in multiples of 100.


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