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New Introductions Must Have Varieties The PSI Advantage Regal Geraniums Angeleyes

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Isotoma Lamiastrum Lamium Lantana Lobelia Lobularia Lotus Vine Lysimachia Manettia

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Candy Flowers Pinkerbell


Scented Geranium

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Nemesia French Connection Nemesia Nesia New Guinea Impatiens Osteospermum


Spring Plants Acalypha Ageratum Alternanthera Angelonia Argyranthemum Agrostis

Oxalis Perilla Pachystachys

Petunia Big Deal Petunia Cascadia Petunia Constellation Petunia Crazytunia Petunia Hells Flamin’ Rose Petunia Littletunia Petunia Perfectunia

Artemisia Bacopa Bidens Brachycome Bracteantha Bridal Veil

Petunia Ray Plectranthus Plumbago

Calibrachoa Calitastic Calibrachoa Candy Shop Calibrachoa Chameleon Calibrachoa Noa

Portulaca Colorblast Portulaca grandiflora Samba

Portulaca Pazzaz

Cassia Cleome Coleus Cuphea


Ruellia Purple Showers


Satureja Indian Mint

Dichondra Dorotheanthus Duranta Euphorbia Evolvulus Fuchsia German Ivy Glechoma Hedera Helichrysum Heliotrope Ipomoea

Scaevola Setcreasea

Streptocarpella Strobilanthus Thunbergia


Tradescantia Verbena


Culture Notes Rooted Liners


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ANGELOS® Blue & White Angelonia angustifolia

CANDY SHOP™ Grape Splash Calibrachoa hybrid

CHAMELEON® Atomic Orange Calibrachoa hybrid

CHAMELEON® Blueberry Scone Calibrachoa hybrid

CHAMELEON® Pink Diamond Calibrachoa hybrid

FIZZ N POP™ Glowing Violet Isotoma hybrid

Lavender Boysenberry RUFFLES™ Lavandula stoechas

CRAZYTUNIA® Cosmic Purple Petunia hybrid

CRAZYTUNIA® Purple Prince Petunia hybrid

COLORBLAST™ Double Guava Portulaca oleracea

COLORBLAST™ Pink Lady Portulaca oleracea

ESTRELLA™ Pink Verbena hybrid

Must-Have New Introductions What are the promising profit-makers for spring 2019? The Plant Source International team has identified the following new introductions as this year’s must-have varieties based on trial performance, grower feedback, and consumer appeal.

2 866-774-8727

CANDY SHOP™ Candy Bouquet® Calibrachoa hybrid

FLORIGLORY® Diana Cuphea hyssopifolia

DARK EYES Fuchsia hybrid

CITRIODORUM Geranium Scented

MARGUERITE Ipomoea hybrid

GOLD CHILD Ivy Hedera Helix

STREAM™White Stream Lobularia hybrid

GOLDI Lysimachia nummularia

CRAZYTUNIA® Ultra Violet Petunia hybrid

COLORBLAST™Watermelon Punch Portulaca oleracea

TUSCAN BLUE Rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis

CANDY CORN VINE Manettia bicolor

Must-Have Varieties Each year, we have some top performers getting recognized in our collection based on overall demand and variety performance. These must-have varieties come out on top in terms of performance in the garden, popularity with the consumer, and profits for the retailer and grower – and this year’s selections are sure to be in high demand.

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The PSI Advantage: Plant Source International is a leading and independent producer of vegetatively propagated plant varieties. We take pride in offering the industry a broad selection of clean, healthy cuttings from some of the industry’s top breeding programs, as well as many popular non-patented items. Our dynamic unrooted cutting program offers North American growers a wide selection of genetics from Danziger, Florensis, Marcum, PAC-Elsner, PlantHaven, Terra Nova, Volmary and Westhoff. We take pride in our understanding of the complex challenges of producing high-quality unrooted cuttings. From producing clean and healthy stock plants to the exportation and logistics, we work diligently to ensure those cuttings arrive healthy and promptly to keep your business moving. Our expertise in variety knowledge and propagation culture allows us to provide a continued level of service to our grower customers after the cuttings are delivered. We constantly look for ways to improve the process to make sure our customers receive quality cuttings in a timely manner. We are working with brokers to implement electronic order processing and on-line availability; we work with FedEx and FedEx Trade Network (FTN) to streamline and improve transporting product; we track each shipment to make sure any shipping delays are addressed immediately. As we look forward to the 2019 season, we are excited about our new variety additions and quality improvements to the PSI line. We invite you to give these exciting new plants a try, and are confident that your customers will be thrilled!

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Geraniums Regal & Scented 866-774-8727 5

ANGELEYES ® Regal Geranium Pelargonium domesticum The Angeleyes series brings a unique flower form unlike any other in the class. The blooms have a rich, velvety appearance like a regal, but are born in a single, viola-like form. The energy efficient crop can be grown cool in the spring, and will continue to bloom for the consumer throughout the summer. Plants look best in small container sizes like 306-packs and 4-inch, but can be done in larger pots and patio containers.

ANGELEYES® Blueberry Regal Geranium

ANGELEYES® Lavender Wings Regal Geranium

ANGELEYES® Patio Orange Regal Geranium

ANGELEYES® Picotee Regal Geranium

6 866-774-8727



Pelargonium domesticum Pinkerbell is a stunning new regal hybrid with a more compact habit than the other lines, but full of flowers that come nonstop throughout the summer months. Pinkerbell does not require cooling, but can be grown under traditional zonal geranium conditions as long as they are kept dry.

PINKERBELL® Regal Geranium

866-774-8727 7

CANDY FLOWERS ® Regal Geranium Pelargonium x domesticum Candy Flowers bloom early and keep blooming throughout the summer – a perfect complement to your existing spring plants program. The floriferous plants come in very impressive colors and the medium habit makes Candy Flowers a real standout in the store and for gardeners. Easier to produce than other regal type geraniums, Candy Flowers will tolerate more heat once established and will initiate flowers up to 50°F. While chilling can be beneficial, it is not needed for this series to produce full, blooming plants. The versatile line is well suited to all containers from quarts to 10-inch patio planters. ARISTO ® Regal Geranium Pelargonium x domesticum This series of regal geraniums has been selected for their ease of rooting and the uniformity of blooms across the colors. The plant habit allows this series to be utilized in pot sizes from quarts to 10-inch. Most Aristo varieties will continue to flower throughout the summer for consumers, making them both a high value potted plant as well as a garden item.

CANDY FLOWERS® Bicolor Regal Geranium

CANDY FLOWERS® Bright Red Regal Geranium

CANDY FLOWERS® Dark Red Regal Geranium

CANDY FLOWERS® Peach Cloud Regal Geranium

CANDY FLOWERS® Pink w/ Eye Regal Geranium

CANDY FLOWERS® Raspberry Purple Regal Geranium

CANDY FLOWERS® Violet Regal Geranium

8 866-774-8727

ARISTO® Black Beauty Regal Geranium

ARISTO® Burgundy Regal Geranium

ARISTO® Lavender Regal Geranium

ARISTO® Lilac Regal Geranium

ARISTO® Orange Regal Geranium

ARISTO® Orchid Regal Geranium

ARISTO® Pink Regal Geranium

ARISTO® Purple Stripes Regal Geranium

ARISTO® Salmon Regal Geranium

ARISTO® Snow Regal Geranium

ARISTO® Red Beauty Regal Geranium

ARISTO® Velvet Red Regal Geranium

ARISTO® Strawberry Cream Regal Geranium

866-774-8727 9

SCENTED COLLECTION Geranium Pelargonium hybrids Plant Source International is the undisputed leader for the production of scented geranium unrooted cuttings. Grown primarily for their distinctively scented foliage, our collection also has varieties with highly ornamental features, such as Lady Plymouth with the variegated foliage and Lemona that has a brightly citrus scent paired with the heaviest flowering scented geranium available.

SCENTED Attar of Roses Scented Geranium

SCENTED Citriodorum Scented Geranium

SCENTED Concolor Lace Scented Geranium

SCENTED Fragrans Scented Geranium

SCENTED Lady Plymouth Scented Geranium

SCENTED Lemona Scented Geranium

SCENTED Orange Fizz Scented Geranium

SCENTED Sweet Mimosa Scented Geranium

10 866-774-8727


866-774-8727 11

BASIL African Blue Ocimum basilicum

BASIL Greek Columnar Ocimum basilicum

FRENCH TARRAGON Artemisia dracunculus

HELICHRYSUM Curry Helichrysum italicum

LAVENDER French Lavandula dentata

LAVENDER Goodwin Creek Lavandula x intermedia

LAVENDER Grosso Lavandula x intermedia

LAVENDER Pinnata Lavandula pinnata

LAVENDER Blueberry Ruffles™ (Spanish) Lavandula stoechas

LAVENDER Boysenberry Ruffles™ (Spanish) Lavandula stoechas

LEMON BALM Melissa officinalis

MARJORAM Sweet Origanum marjoram

MARJORAM Golden Tip Origanum marjoram

12 866-774-8727

MINT Apple Mentha suaveolens

MINT Chocolate Mentha × piperita

MINT Corsican Mentha requienii

MINT Ginger Mentha gracilis

MINT Kentucky Colonel Mentha spicata

MINT Mojito Mentha villosa

MINT Orange Mentha x piperita citrata

MINT Peppermint Mentha x piperita

MINT Pineapple Mentha suaveolens

MINT Spearmint Mentha spicata

MINT Strawberry Mentha suaveloens

OREGANO Dittany of Crete Origanum dictamnus

OREGANO Golden Origanum vulgare

OREGANO Greek Origanum vulgare

OREGANO Hot & Spicy Origanum vulgare

OREGANO Italian Origanum vulgare

866-774-8727 13

ROSEMARY Hill Hardy Rosmarinus officinalis

ROSEMARY Taurentius Rosmarinus officinalis

ROSEMARY Prostrata Rosemarinus prostrata

ROSEMARY Tuscan Blue Rosmarinus officinalis

SAGE Berggarten Salvia officinalis

SAGE Garden Grey Salvia officinalis

SAGE Icterina (Golden) Salvia officinalis

SAGE Purple Salvia officinalis

SAGE Pineapple Salvia rutilans

STEVIA Stevia rebaudiana

THYME English Thymus vulgaris

SAGE Tricolor Salvia officinalis

THYME Golden Lemon Thymus citriodorus

THYME Lemon Thymus citriodorus

THYME Silver Thymus vulgaris

THYME French Thymus vulgaris

14 866-774-8727

Spring Plants

866-774-8727 15

BUMBLE™ Silver Ageratum hybrid

BUMBLE™ Blue Ageratum hybrid

BUMBLE™ Rose Ageratum hybrid

BUMBLE™ Silver Ageratum hybrid

BUMBLE™White Ageratum hybrid



flower power throughout the summer without blooms turning brown. These exceptionally vigorous growers are bee and butterfly magnets and require no deadheading.

The Bumble series adds vibrancy, flower power, and exceptional performance to heat tolerant summer collections. This impressive quartet will win you over with their bright colors paired with heat and drought tolerance. Unlike seed varieties, Bumble will continue with intense


16 866-774-8727


CHENILLE Acalypha pendula

Green Twist Agrostis stolonifera

Beauty Yellow Argyranthemum frutescens

Butterfly Yellow Argyranthemum frutescens

Honeybee White Butterfly Argyranthemum frutescens

Silver Brocade Artemisia stelleriana

Choco Chili Alternanthera

866-774-8727 17



Angelonia angustifolia Angelos varieties are prized as the finest angelonia on the market. These vertical accent plants have massive blooms on well-branched, upright plant habits. The extra large blooms are densely packed on the flower spikes and thrive in the harshest summer conditions. Use Angelos angelonia as the highlight in your summer combination container gardens or massed in landscape plantings.

ANGELOS® Bicolor Angelonia

ANGELOS® Blue Angelonia

ANGELOS ® Bicolor ANGELOS ® Blue

ANGELOS ® Blue &White ANGELOS ® Lavender Pink ANGELOS ® White

ANGELOS® Blue & White Angelonia

ANGELOS® Lavender Pink Angelonia



Angelonia angustifolia Extreme heat, humidity and drought are no match for Angelos varieties, and that makes these trailing varieties outstanding components for summer hanging baskets. Used solo, or in a mix to complement other flowering varieties, these plants will stay continuously in flower from spring through autumn for gardeners everywhere.

ANGELOS® White Angelonia

ANGELOS® Trailing Blue Angelonia

ANGELOS ® Trailing Blue ANGELOS ® Trailing Pink ANGELOS ® Trailing White

ANGELOS® Trailing Pink Angelonia

ANGELOS® Trailing White Angelonia

18 866-774-8727





EPIC™ Blue Bacopa - Sutera hybrid

EPIC™ Pink Bacopa - Sutera hybrid

EPIC™White Bacopa - Sutera hybrid

TAIFUN™ Mega White Bacopa - Sutera hybrid





SCOPIA® Double Indigo Bacopa - Sutera hybrid

SCOPIA® Double Snowball Bacopa - Sutera hybrid

SCOPIA® Dynamic White Bacopa - Sutera hybrid

SCOPIA® Golden Leaves White Bacopa - Sutera hybrid





SCOPIA® Gulliver Blue Bacopa - Sutera hybrid

SCOPIA® Gulliver Blue Sensation Bacopa - Sutera hybrid

SCOPIA® Gulliver Pink Bacopa - Sutera hybrid

SCOPIA® Great Pink Ring Bacopa - Sutera hybrid


SCOPIA® Gulliver White Bacopa - Sutera hybrid

866-774-8727 19

BLAZING™ Fire Bidens ferulifolia

BLAZING™ Glory Bidens ferulifolia

CUPCAKE™ Banana Cream Bidens x hybrid

CUPCAKE™ Strawberry Bidens x hybrid

GIANT™ Double Bidens ferulifolia

GIANT™ Sun Louis Bidens ferulifolia

GIANT™White Bidens x hybrid

Pretty in Pink™ Bidens x hybrid


White Delight™ Bidens x hybrid

Yellow Charm™ Bidens ferulifolia

Bridal Veil Tradescantia multiflora


BRASCO™ Violet Brachycome x hybrid

FRESCO™ Candy Brachycome x hybrid

FRESCO™ Purple Brachycome x hybrid

20 866-774-8727



Bracteantha bracteatum Eager to reinvent the category of strawflowers, we’re excited to offer the vastly superior Cottage series of bracteantha. Combining the most disease-resistant genetics available with all-season durability, these plants mean success for the gardener. The colors are matched perfectly in production and can easily be mixed in larger containers for 4-in-1 color combinations for spring through autumn sales.

COTTAGE™ Bronze Bracteantha bracteatum

COTTAGE™ Ice Bracteantha bracteatum


COTTAGE™ Lemon Bracteantha bracteatum

COTTAGE™ Pink Bracteantha bracteatum

COTTAGE™ Rose Bracteantha bracteatum

COTTAGE™ Yellow Bracteantha bracteatum

Yellow Bracteantha bracteatum

866-774-8727 21



Calibrachoa hybrid Incredibly uniform in habit and flower timing, these calibrachoa set the new bar for grower expectation. Very early to flower, all varieties flower at 11 hours critical daylength and stay open and in flower under low light conditions, making these a great line for retailing from early spring and continuing throughout the season.




CALITASTIC™ Mango Calibrachoa hybrid

22 866-774-8727

CALITASTIC™ Fancy Fuchsia Calibrachoa hybrid

CALITASTIC™ Gold Calibrachoa hybrid

CALITASTIC™ Ice Blue Calibrachoa hybrid

CALITASTIC™ Indigo Calibrachoa hybrid

CALITASTIC™ Mango Calibrachoa hybrid

CALITASTIC™ Orange Calibrachoa hybrid

CALITASTIC™ Papaya Calibrachoa hybrid

CALITASTIC™ Plumberry Pop Calibrachoa hybrid

CALITASTIC™ Red Lips Calibrachoa hybrid

CALITASTIC™ Violet Skies Calibrachoa hybrid

CALITASTIC™White Calibrachoa hybrid

CALITASTIC™ Pumpkin Spice Calibrachoa hybrid

866-774-8727 23

CHAMELEON ® Calibrachoa Calibrachoa hybrid Chameleon marks an industry-first for Calibrachoa breeding. The plants continually change color throughout the season, reacting to light levels, daylength and other seasonal factors. Blooms are not fading, but rather opening with different expressions based on environmental factors, so consumers always have a multicolored plant that changes dominant hues from season to season. Chameleon provides gardeners a unique blend of colors on a single plant which is not found in other traditional bedding plants. These vigorous varieties have outstanding garden performance and season-long durability. CHAMELEON ® Atomic Orange CHAMELEON ® Berry Daring CHAMELEON ® Blueberry Scone CHAMELEON ® Indian Summer Imp. CHAMELEON ® Lavender Sorbet Imp.

CHAMELEON® Atomic Orange Calibrachoa hybrid

CHAMELEON® Berry Daring Calibrachoa hybrid

CHAMELEON® Indian Summer Imp. Calibrachoa hybrid

CHAMELEON® Blueberry Scone Calibrachoa hybrid

CHAMELEON ® Lemon Berry CHAMELEON ® Pink Diamond CHAMELEON ® Sunshine Berry CHAMELEON ® Twinkled Pink

CHAMELEON® Lavender Sorbet Imp. Calibrachoa hybrid

CHAMELEON® Lemon Berry Calibrachoa hybrid

CHAMELEON® Pink Diamond Calibrachoa hybrid

CHAMELEON® Sunshine Berry Calibrachoa hybrid

CHAMELEON® Twinkled Pink Calibrachoa hybrid

24 866-774-8727

866-774-8727 25

CANDY SHOP ™ Calibrachoa Calibrachoa hybrid From the original Candy Bouquet® comes a series of truly unique brushwork-pattern bicolors. The flowers have bright, fluorescent colors with a popping, irregular starburst coming from the center of each flower. Candy Shop varieties have early flowering times and semi-trailing habits, making them a perfect pick for cheerful spring baskets or as a component to combination containers.

CANDY SHOP™ Candy Bouquet® Calibrachoa hybrid

CANDY SHOP™ Candy Crush Calibrachoa hybrid

CANDY SHOP™ Candy Bouquet ® CANDY SHOP™ Candy Crush CANDY SHOP™ Fancy Berry CANDY SHOP™ Grape Splash CANDY SHOP™ Sweet Dreams

CANDY SHOP™ Fancy Berry Calibrachoa hybrid

CANDY SHOP™ Grape Splash Calibrachoa hybrid

CANDY SHOP™ Sweet Dreams Calibrachoa hybrid

26 866-774-8727

NOA® Apricot Calibrachoa hybrid

NOA® Blue Legend Calibrachoa hybrid

NOA® Cherry Calibrachoa hybrid

NOA® Dark Pink Carnival Calibrachoa hybrid

NOA® Deep Purple Calibrachoa hybrid

NOA® Happy Pink Calibrachoa hybrid

NOA® Lemoncello Calibrachoa hybrid

NOA® Mega Magenta Calibrachoa hybrid

NOA® Papaya Calibrachoa hybrid

NOA® Raspberry Calibrachoa hybrid

NOA® Red Wine Calibrachoa hybrid

NOA® Mega Pink Calibrachoa hybrid

NOA® Snow Calibrachoa hybrid

NOA® Ultra Purple Calibrachoa hybrid

NOA® Yellow Calibrachoa hybrid

866-774-8727 27

Popcorn Cassia Cassia didymobotrya

CLIO™ Pink Lady Cleome x hybrida

CLIO™ Magenta Cleome x hybrida

28 866-774-8727



Solenostemon hybrid

COLOR CLOUDS™ Be Mine Coleus hybrid

COLOR CLOUDS™ Honey Pie Coleus hybrid

Seven years of dedicated breeding have produced a revolutionary new series of coleus that make the perfect hanging basket, unique groundcover, or container- component. Hundreds of crosses have created a series of colorful, self-branching plants that require no pinching.


COLOR CLOUDS™ Honeybear Coleus hybrid

COLOR CLOUDS™ Hottie Coleus hybrid

COLOR CLOUDS™ Spicy Coleus hybrid

COLOR CLOUDS™ Valentine Coleus hybrid

866-774-8727 29





Solenostemon hybrid

Solenostemon hybrid

The new Fancy Feathers coleus varieties form a mounding tuffet of narrow feather-like leaves in a variety of colors. Looks fantastic in smaller containers at retail and drapes beautifully when used in hanging baskets.

The Wildfire Series have naturally dense, well-branched habits. These extra bushy varieties require no pinching or growth regulators, making them a breeze for production. These are excellent selections for containers or gardens.



FANCY FEATHERS™ Black Coleus hybrid

FANCY FEATHERS™ Copper Coleus hybrid

FANCY FEATHERS™ Pink Coleus hybrid

WILDFIRE™ Blaze Coleus hybrid

WILDFIRE™ Flash Coleus hybrid

WILDFIRE™ Ignition Coleus hybrid

WILDFIRE™ Smoky Rose Coleus hybrid

30 866-774-8727

GLOBETROTTERS Gaga Coleus hybrid

TIDBITS™ Tammy Coleus hybrid

HIPSTERS™ Luca Coleus hybrid

TERRA NOVA™ Allspice Coleus hybrid

TERRA NOVA™ Electric Slide Coleus hybrid

TERRA NOVA™ Lumen Coleus hybrid

TERRA NOVA™ Bright Spark Coleus hybrid

TERRA NOVA™ Cuckoo Coleus hybrid

TERRA NOVA™ Peridot Coleus hybrid

TERRA NOVA™ Pink Poodle Coleus hybrid

TERRA NOVA™ Maharaja Coleus hybrid

TERRA NOVA™ Marrakesh Coleus hybrid

Alabama Sunset Coleus hybrid

Beckwith’s Gem Coleus hybrid

Burgundy Sun Coleus hybrid

TERRA NOVA™ Red Ripple Coleus hybrid

866-774-8727 31

Burning Bush Coleus hybrid

Canine Green (Stinky Coleus) Coleus hybrid

Chaotic Rose Coleus hybrid

Dark Star Coleus hybrid

Defiance Coleus hybrid

Dipt in Wine Coleus hybrid

Finger Paint Coleus hybrid

Fishnet Stockings Coleus hybrid

Flamingo Coleus hybrid

Gay’s Delight Coleus hybrid

Glennis Coleus hybrid

Jupiter Coleus hybrid

Kingswood Torch Coleus hybrid

Kiwi Fern Coleus hybrid

Mariposa Coleus hybrid

Oxblood Coleus hybrid

32 866-774-8727

Peter’s Wonder Coleus hybrid

Pineapple Beauty Coleus hybrid

Pineapplette Coleus hybrid

Pistachio Nightmare Coleus hybrid

Plum Parfait Coleus hybrid

Rustic Orange Coleus hybrid

Saturn Coleus hybrid

SOLAR Eclipse Coleus hybrid

SOLAR Red Coleus hybrid

SOLAR Shade Coleus hybrid

SOLAR Sunrise Coleus hybrid

SOLAR Flair Coleus hybrid

Wild Lime Coleus hybrid

Violet Tricolor Coleus hybrid

866-774-8727 33

FLORIGLORY ™ Mexican Heather Cuphea hyssopifolia There is no competition for these new Mexican Heathers. The Floriglory series of cuphea has 5x the flower power with excellent garden vigor compared to the industry standards, Allyson and White. The Floriglory series of Mexican Heather comes in two types: floriferous bedding plant types (Latina names) and very large flowered landscape types (Latino names). Floriglory Diana was named a 2018 All-American Selection Winner.

FLORIGLORY™ Diana Cuphea hyssopifolia

FLORIGLORY™ Maria Cuphea hyssopifolia


FLORIGLORY™ Selena Cuphea hyssopifolia

FLORIGLORY™ Sofia Cuphea hyssopifolia

FLORIGLORY™ Alonso Cuphea hyssopifolia

FLORIGLORY™ Diego Cuphea hyssopifolia

FLORIGLORY™ Miguel Cuphea hyssopifolia

34 866-774-8727


Purple/Allyson Cuphea hyssopifolia

White Cuphea hyssopifolia

Silver Nickel Vine Dichondra argentea

Candy Apple Red Dorotheanthus bellidiformis

Variegated Dorotheanthus bellidiformis

Gold Edge Duranta repens

DIWALI™ Shower Euphorbia hypericifolia

STARBLAST™ Snowdrift Euphorbia hypericifolia

STARBLAST™White Euphorbia hypericifolia

Blue Daze Evolvulus pilosus

STARBLAST™ Softpink Euphorbia hypericifolia

866-774-8727 35

Annabelle White Fuchsia hybrid

Blutini® Fuchsia arborescens

Bella Rosella Fuchsia hybrid

Blue Eyes Fuchsia hybrid

EDIBLE FRUITS! The sweet berries of Blutini are sweet and resemble blueberries in appearance. The flowers are also edible and used in salads or garnishes.

Blutini® Fuchsia arborescens

Dark Eyes Fuchsia hybrid

Deep Purple Fuchsia hybrid

Dollar Princess Fuchsia hybrid

El Camino Fuchsia hybrid

Gartenmeister Fuchsia hybrid

Gillian Althea Fuchsia hybrid

36 866-774-8727

La Campanella Fuchsia hybrid

Lambada Fuchsia hybrid

Lena Fuchsia hybrid

Marinka Fuchsia hybrid

New Millenium Fuchsia hybrid

Patio Princess Fuchsia hybrid

Paula Jane Fuchsia hybrid

Pink Marshmallow Fuchsia hybrid

Santa Claus Fuchsia hybrid

Southgate Fuchsia hybrid

Summer Island Riverhead Fuchsia hybrid

Professor Henkel Fuchsia hybrid

Voodoo Fuchsia hybrid

White Eyes Fuchsia hybrid

Winston Churchill Fuchsia hybrid

Swingtime Fuchsia hybrid

866-774-8727 37

GERMAN IVY Green Scenecio mikanoides

GERMAN IVY Wax Leaf Green Scenecio mikanoides

GERMAN IVY Wax Leaf Variegated Scenecio mikanoides

Glechoma Glechoma hederacea

Duckfoot Hedera helix

Eva Hedera helix

Glacier Hedera helix

Gold Child Hedera helix

Golden Ingot Hedera helix

Modern Times Hedera helix

Needlepoint Hedera helix

Patricia Hedera helix

Ralf Hedera helix

Teardrop Hedera helix

White Ripple Hedera helix

Yellow Ripple Hedera helix

38 866-774-8727

Icicles Helichrysum lanatum

Limelight Helichrysum petiolare

Minus Helichrysum petiolare

Silver Helichrysum petiolare

Silverstar Helichrysum petiolare

Variegated Helichrysum petiolare

Blue Heliotrope arborescens

Ace of Spades Ipomoea batatas

Compact Margie Ipomoea batatas

Kelly Ray Ipomoea batatas

Marguerite Ipomoea batatas

Blackie Ipomoea batatas

Bloodleaf Iresine lindenii

Variegated Iresine lindenii

Tricolor Ipomoea batatas

866-774-8727 39



Isotoma hybrid

Bred to a new standard for the class of Laurentia, these Fizz N Pop varieties sport outrageously large flowers - up to 1.5-inches across! And the Fizz N Pop series are early to flower, making them a first-to-market plant in the spring garden center, but have outstanding heat and humidity tolerance, absolutely thriving throughout summer conditions.

FIZZ N POP™ Glowing Violet Isotoma hybrid

FIZZ N POP™ Pretty in Pink Isotoma hybrid

FIZZ N POP™ Glowing Violet FIZZ N POP™ Pretty in Pink

40 866-774-8727

Hermans Pride Lamiastrum galeobdolon

Silver Frost Lamiastrum galeobdolon

Aureum/Yellow Lamium maculatum

Beacon Silver Lamium maculatum

Orchid Frost Lamium maculatum

Pink Pewter Lamium maculatum

Red Nancy Lamium maculatum

White Nancy Lamium maculatum

Dallas Red Lantana camara

Purple Trailing Lantana montevidensis

New Gold Lantana camara

Confetti Lantana camara

866-774-8727 41



Lobelia hybrid

Breakthrough breeding in the class, the Hot series offers growers and gardeners the most dependable series of lobelia with unsurpassed quality, superior garden performance and consumer appeal—even through the heat of summer. In fact, trial after trial, no other series comes close to the heat performance of Hot lobelia. These reliable plants perform beautifully in baskets and mixed containers, but also make stunning landscape displays. Hands down, this is the perfect series of lobelia.

HOT® Bavaria Lobelia hybrid

HOT® Brilliant Blue Lobelia hybrid

HOT ® Bavaria HOT ® Brilliant Blue HOT ® Purple HOT ® Royal Blue HOT ® SnowWhite HOT ® Waterblue

HOT® Purple Lobelia hybrid

HOT® Royal Blue Lobelia hybrid

HOT® Snow White Lobelia hybrid

HOT® Waterblue Lobelia hybrid

HOT® Series - Summer Performance Lobelia hybrid

42 866-774-8727



Lobularia hybrid

The Stream series of Lobularia is an incredible component plant with outstanding heat tolerance and well-controlled plant habits. They make a great addition to combination pots and blend well with other varieties. Lobularia Streams also have the garden performance to be planted as a bedding accent plant in the garden. They can handle early to late season and will add a scent of spring to any planting and in the garden center.

STREAM ™ Deep Lavender Stream Lobularia hybrid

STREAM ™ Lavender Stream Lobularia hybrid

STREAM ™ Deep Lavender STREAM ™ Lavender STREAM ™ Purple STREAM ™ Raspberry

STREAM ™ Purple Stream Lobularia hybrid

STREAM ™ Raspberry Stream Lobularia hybrid

STREAM ™ Silver STREAM ™ White

STREAM ™ White Stream Lobularia hybrid

STREAM ™ Silver Stream Lobularia hybrid

866-774-8727 43

Parrot’s Beak Lotus Vine berthelotii

Green Leaf Lysimachia congestiflora


Variegated Lysimachia congestiflora

Goldi Lysimachia nummularia

FRENCH CONNECTION™ Easter Bonnet Nemesia hybrid

Candy Corn Vine Manettia inflate

Wire Vine (Small Leaf) Muehlenbeckia axillaris

44 866-774-8727



Nemesia hybrid

Nesia features large blooms in striking colors on top of healthy, shiny green foliage. These floriferous plants have a mounded, upright habit and are ideal for containers and garden beds.

NESIA™ Banana Swirl Nemesia hybrid 2-for-1


NESIA ™ Burgundy Nemesia hybrid

NESIA ™ Banana Swirl NESIA ™ Burgundy NESIA ™ Dark Blue NESIA ™ Magenta NESIA ™ Snow Angel

NESIA ™ Sunshine NESIA ™ Tropical



NESIA ™ Dark Blue Nemesia hybrid

NESIA ™ Magenta Nemesia hybrid



NESIA ™ Snow Angel Nemesia hybrid

NESIA ™ Sunshine Nemesia hybrid


NESIA ™ Tropical Nemesia hybrid

866-774-8727 45

IMPACIO® Scarlet New Guinea Impatiens IMPACIO ® New Guinea Impatiens Impatiens hybrid

IMPACIO ® Lavender Pink IMPACIO ® Lilac IMPACIO ® Magenta Star IMPACIO ® Melon Star IMPACIO ® Neon Flash IMPACIO ® Orange IMPACIO ® Orange Star IMPACIO ® Peach Star IMPACIO ® Purple IMPACIO ® Purple Star IMPACIO ® Red

Impacio New Guinea Impatiens have great attributes for the grower and gardener alike. Impacio was bred to withstand cooler greenhouse temperatures in production. This means growers can offer earlier and more cost effective crops. At retail, Impacio boasts large flower sizes, uniform plant habits and a full array of colors. In the garden, Impacio has proven to be one of the most heat tolerant lines of New Guinea Impatiens available today. Definitely a winning series!

IMPACIO ® Salmon IMPACIO ® Scarlet IMPACIO ® Soft Pink IMPACIO ® White

46 866-774-8727

IMPACIO® Lavender Pink New Guinea Impatiens

IMPACIO® Lilac New Guinea Impatiens

IMPACIO® Magenta Star New Guinea Impatiens

IMPACIO® Melon Star New Guinea Impatiens

IMPACIO® Neon Flash New Guinea Impatiens

IMPACIO® Orange New Guinea Impatiens

IMPACIO® Orange Star New Guinea Impatiens

IMPACIO® Peach Star New Guinea Impatiens

IMPACIO® Purple Star New Guinea Impatiens

IMPACIO® Red New Guinea Impatiens

IMPACIO® Salmon New Guinea Impatiens

IMPACIO® Purple New Guinea Impatiens

IMPACIO® Soft Pink New Guinea Impatiens

IMPACIO® White New Guinea Impatiens

IMPACIO® Scarlet New Guinea Impatiens

866-774-8727 47

ASTRA® Orange Sunrise Osteospermum hybrid

ASTRA® Outback Purple Osteospermum hybrid

ASTRA® Pink Spoon Osteospermum hybrid

ASTRA® Purple Osteospermum hybrid

ASTRA® Purple Spoon Osteospermum hybrid

ASTRA® White Osteospermum hybrid

ASTRA® Yellow Osteospermum hybrid

Burgundy Gold Oxalis articulata

Golden Shrimp Plant Pachystachys lutea

Tricolor Perilla x hybrida

48 866-774-8727

BIG DEAL™ Petunia Petunia hybrid Our most durable, landscape-grade petunias, Big Deal varieties are bred to flower earlier, grow taller, spread wider, and are more vigorous than other plants in our collections. Combining these vivacious, bicolor blooms with massive plant habits, these plants are sure to be noticed in gardens everywhere.

BIG DEAL™ Chocolate Cherries BIG DEAL™ Flamenco Dancer BIG DEAL™ Pinkadilly Circus BIG DEAL™ Roaring Raspberry

BIG DEAL™ Flamenco Dancer Petunia hybrid

BIG DEAL™ Pinkadilly Circus Petunia hybrid

BIG DEAL™ Roaring Raspberry Petunia hybrid

BIG DEAL™ Chocolate Cherries Petunia hybrid

866-774-8727 49

CASCADIA ™ Rim Chianti Petunia hybrid CASCADIA ™ Petunia Petunia hybrid Danziger’s Cascadia™ collection excels in its large assortment of flower colors – solid, bicolor and darker vein color. The well-branched plants maintain full bloom all season long. The series gives a pleasing display in hanging baskets, pots, mixed containers and flowerbeds.

CASCADIA ™ Autumn Mystery CASCADIA ™ Bicolor Cabernet CASCADIA ™ Blue Omri CASCADIA ™ Iceberg CASCADIA ™ Indian Summer CASCADIA ™ Purple Gem CASCADIA ™ Rim Cherry CASCADIA ™ Rim Chianti CASCADIA ™ Rim Fantasy CASCADIA ™ Rim Magenta CASCADIA ™ RimViolet CASCADIA ™ Passion CASCADIA ™ Pitaya

50 866-774-8727

CASCADIA ™ Autumn Mystery Petunia hybrid

CASCADIA ™ Bicolor Cabernet Petunia hybrid

CASCADIA ™ Blue Omri Petunia hybrid

CASCADIA ™ Iceberg Petunia hybrid

CASCADIA ™ Indian Summer Petunia hybrid

CASCADIA ™ Passion Petunia hybrid

CASCADIA ™ Pitaya Petunia hybrid

CASCADIA ™ Purple Gem Petunia hybrid

CASCADIA ™ Rim Cherry Petunia hybrid

CASCADIA ™ Rim Chianti Petunia hybrid

CASCADIA ™ Rim Fantasy Petunia hybrid

CASCADIA ™ Rim Magenta Petunia hybrid

CASCADIA ™ Rim Violet Petunia hybrid

866-774-8727 51

CONSTELLATION™ Gemini Petunia hybrid CONSTELLATION™ Aries Petunia hybrid CONSTELLATION ™ Petunia

CONSTELLATION™ Virgo Petunia hybrid

Eye-catching, starry-eyed patterns cover these unique petunia blooms. A very novel lineup for gardeners, these plants have a vigorous mounded-trailing habit and excellent garden performance. Flower patterns remain stable under various garden conditions, providing more predictability and satisfaction for the consumer.


52 866-774-8727

CRAZYTUNIA ® Petunia Petunia hybrid Consumers are welcoming the new additions to our core petunia collections with open arms and freshly prepped flowerbeds. While some of our sheer and shimmery classic shades are still bestsellers, there is an overwhelming demand to provide an even broader range of unique colors and patterns to create custom combinations. Our Crazytunia series range in displays from stonewash to starburst. There are neon brights, velvety blacks, pulsating duo-tones and bold confetti flashes. CRAZYTUNIA ® Bitter Lemon CRAZYTUNIA ® Black Mamba CRAZYTUNIA ® Blackberry Cheesecake CRAZYTUNIA ® Blackberry Mojito CRAZYTUNIA ® Blue Ice CRAZYTUNIA ® Cosmic Purple

CRAZYTUNIA ® Good Night Kisses CRAZYTUNIA ® Kermit Purple CRAZYTUNIA ® Knight Rider Imp. CRAZYTUNIA ® Lemon Burst CRAZYTUNIA ® Lucky Lilac CRAZYTUNIA ® Mandeville CRAZYTUNIA ® Maniac Lilac CRAZYTUNIA ® Moonstruck CRAZYTUNIA ® Passion Punch CRAZYTUNIA ® Pulse CRAZYTUNIA ® Purple Picotee CRAZYTUNIA ® Purple Prince CRAZYTUNIA ® Razzmatazz CRAZYTUNIA ® Red Blues CRAZYTUNIA ® Sugar Beet CRAZYTUNIA ® Terracotta CRAZYTUNIA ® Twilight Blue CRAZYTUNIA ® Twilight Lime CRAZYTUNIA ® Ultra Violet

CRAZYTUNIA ® French Kiss CRAZYTUNIA ® Frisky Purple

866-774-8727 53

CRAZYTUNIA® Blackberry Cheesecake Petunia hybrid

CRAZYTUNIA® Blackberry Mojito Petunia hybrid

CRAZYTUNIA® Bitter Lemon Petunia hybrid

CRAZYTUNIA® Black Mamba Petunia hybrid

CRAZYTUNIA® Blue Ice Petunia hybrid

CRAZYTUNIA® Cosmic Purple Petunia hybrid

CRAZYTUNIA® French Kiss Petunia hybrid

CRAZYTUNIA® Frisky Purple Petunia hybrid

CRAZYTUNIA® Good Night Kisses Petunia hybrid

CRAZYTUNIA® Kermit Purple Petunia hybrid

CRAZYTUNIA® Knight Rider Imp. Petunia hybrid

CRAZYTUNIA® Lemon Burst Petunia hybrid

CRAZYTUNIA® Lucky Lilac Petunia hybrid

CRAZYTUNIA® Mandeville Petunia hybrid

CRAZYTUNIA® Maniac Lilac Petunia hybrid

CRAZYTUNIA® Moonstruck Petunia hybrid

54 866-774-8727

CRAZYTUNIA® Passion Punch Petunia hybrid

CRAZYTUNIA® Pulse Petunia hybrid

CRAZYTUNIA® Purple Picotee Petunia hybrid

CRAZYTUNIA® Purple Prince Petunia hybrid

CRAZYTUNIA® Red Blues Petunia hybrid

CRAZYTUNIA® Sugar Beet Petunia hybrid

CRAZYTUNIA® Terracotta Petunia hybrid

CRAZYTUNIA® Razzmatazz Petunia hybrid

CRAZYTUNIA® Twilight Lime Petunia hybrid

CRAZYTUNIA® Ultra Violet Petunia hybrid

CRAZYTUNIA® Twilight Blue Petunia hybrid

866-774-8727 55



Petunia hybrid

The unique neon color and superb habit of Hells Flamin’ Rose has created a tremendous amount of interest from growers and gardeners. With a vigorous, horizontal branching habit, these plants fill up baskets fast. And as for color, we can’t say enough! The blooms are the brightest we’ve ever seen and completely cover every bit of the plants from side to side.

HELLS ™ Flamin’ Rose

LITTLETUNIA ™ Petunia Petunia hybrid Littletunia are all about little flowers with huge value! These plants put off a profusion of blooms throughout the season, giving maximum color impact both at retail and in the garden. And the small flower size means these plants are more resilient to rainy summers and won’t have their petals collapse under water.

HELLS™ Flamin’ Rose Petunia hybrid


56 866-774-8727

LITTLETUNIA™ Bicolor Black Petunia hybrid

LITTLETUNIA™ Bicolor Bliss Petunia hybrid

LITTLETUNIA™ Bicolor Illusion Petunia hybrid

LITTLETUNIA™ Blue Vein Petunia hybrid

LITTLETUNIA™ Pink Frills Petunia hybrid

LITTLETUNIA™ Shiraz Petunia hybrid

LITTLETUNIA™ Fuchsia Petunia hybrid

LITTLETUNIA™ Purple Blue Petunia hybrid

LITTLETUNIA™ Rose Petunia hybrid

LITTLETUNIA™White Grace Petunia hybrid

LITTLETUNIA ™Pink Splash Petunia hybrid

866-774-8727 57

PERFECTUNIA ® &RAY ™ SERIES Petunia Petunia hybrid The Perfectunia and Ray series petunias both feature very similar attributes for the grower, including daylength neutral flowering, providing southern growers with winter sales, and northern growers with a first-to-market lineup for spring. Additionally, both of these lines have tidy, mounded habits that retail beautifully in quart containers and fill out well for the gardener, all while keeping a full, rounded habit.

PERFECTUNIA® Magenta Rose Petunia hybrid

PERFECTUNIA® Pink Sugar Petunia hybrid


PERFECTUNIA® Sun Petunia hybrid

RAY ™ Black Petunia hybrid

RAY ™ Black RAY ™ Bordeaux RAY ™ Pink Halo RAY ™ Sunflower RAY ™ Sunshine

RAY ™ Bordeaux Petunia hybrid

RAY ™ Pink Halo Petunia hybrid

RAY ™ Sunflower Petunia hybrid

RAY ™ Sunshine Petunia hybrid

58 866-774-8727

Lemon Twist Plectranthus ciliatus

Variegated (Candlestick) Plectranthus ciliatus

Variegated (Candlevine) Plectranthus coleoides

SWEDISH IVY Green Plectranthus australis

SWEDISH IVY Purple Plectranthus australis

Velvet Elvis™ Plectranthus hybrid

Dark Blue Plumbago auriculata

SAMBA Hot Pink Portulaca grandiflora

SAMBA Bicolor Portulaca grandiflora

866-774-8727 59

COLORBLAST™ Series Portulaca oleracea COLORBLAST ™ Portulaca Portulaca oleracea The new ColorBlast portulaca set a new standard for drought tolerant color. From the vivaciously colored single mixes to the explosive fully doubles, to the industry changing stripes, the ColorBlast line is bringing a lot of excitement to garden beds and borders for its low maintenance summertime color. The series has won numerous awards in trial gardens across North America for their garden durability and non- stop, heat tolerant color. Mix different colors and singles with doubles for eye- catching, summer baskets with amazing neon colors and multi-dimensional textures.

COLORBLAST ™ Double Coconut COLORBLAST ™ Double Guava COLORBLAST ™ Double Magenta COLORBLAST ™ Double Orange COLORBLAST ™ Double Scarlet COLORBLAST ™ Double Yellow COLORBLAST ™ Grenadine COLORBLAST ™ Lemon Twist COLORBLAST ™ Limón COLORBLAST ™ Mango Mojito COLORBLAST ™ Pink Lady COLORBLAST ™ Plumberry COLORBLAST ™ Rum Punch COLORBLAST ™ Tangerine COLORBLAST ™ Watermelon Punch

60 866-774-8727

COLORBLAST™ Double Coconut Portulaca oleracea

COLORBLAST™ Double Guava Portulaca oleracea

COLORBLAST™ Double Magenta Portulaca oleracea

COLORBLAST™ Double Orange Portulaca oleracea

COLORBLAST™ Double Scarlet Portulaca oleracea

COLORBLAST™ Double Yellow Portulaca oleracea

COLORBLAST™ Grenadine Portulaca oleracea

COLORBLAST™ Lemon Twist Portulaca oleracea

COLORBLAST™ Mango Mojito Portulaca oleracea

COLORBLAST™ Pink Lady Portulaca oleracea

COLORBLAST™ Plumberry Portulaca oleracea

COLORBLAST™ Limón Portulaca oleracea

COLORBLAST™ Tangerine Portulaca oleracea

COLORBLAST™Watermelon Punch Portulaca oleracea

COLORBLAST™ Rum Punch Portulaca oleracea

866-774-8727 61

PAZZAZ™ Deep Pink Portulaca oleracea

PAZZAZ™ Fuchsia Portulaca oleracea

PAZZAZ™ Red Flare Portulaca oleracea

PAZZAZ™ Tangerine Portulaca oleracea

PAZZAZ™ Vivid Yellow Portulaca oleracea

PAZZAZ™White Portulaca oleracea

Rhoeo Tricolor Rhoeo disicolor

Purple Showers Ruellia brittoniana

Black & Blue Salvia guaranitica

Bodacious® Rhythm & Blues Salvia hybrid

SALLYFUN™ Blue Salvia hybrid

SALLYFUN™ Blue Emotion Salvia hybrid

SALLYFUN™ Sky Blue Salvia hybrid

SALLYFUN™ Snowhite Salvia hybrid

Indian Mint Satureja hybrid

62 866-774-8727



Scaevola aemula

No other series comes close to the performance of Scalora scaevola. Vigorous, well-branched plants are loaded with color that is simply impervious to the heat that summer can bring. Truly breakthrough breeding has not only produced the best blues that growers expect, but remarkable pink, white, yellow and bicolor varieties too.

SCALORA® Brilliant Scaevola aemula

SCALORA® Diamond Scaevola aemula

SCALORA ® Brilliant SCALORA ® Diamond SCALORA ® Fancy Blue

SCALORA ® Glitzy SCALORA ® Pearl

SCALORA ® Suntastic ® SCALORA ® Topaz Pink

SCALORA® Fancy Blue Scaevola aemula

SCALORA® Glitzy Scaevola aemula

SCALORA® Pearl Scaevola aemula

SCALORA® Suntastic® Scaevola aemula

SCALORA® Topaz Pink Scaevola aemula

866-774-8727 63

Purple Setcreasea pallida

Purple Variegated Setcreasea pallida

Concord Blue Streptocarpella

Persian Shield Strobilanthes dyerianus

Charles Star Thunbergia alata

Lemon Thunbergia alata

Orange Beauty Thunbergia alata

SUNNY SUSY™ Red-Orange Thunbergia alata

Purple Tradescantia zebrine

Red-Silver Tradescantia zebrine

64 866-774-8727



Torenia hybrid

The Moon series varieties are high-value plants with an extra helping of heat tolerance and oversized blooms. A fantastic choice to offer gardeners full color under full shade conditions. Great as groundcovers, fantastic in window boxes and hanging baskets, and the ideal choice for combos, their deep, dark flower colors look amazing against a background of limegreen foliage.

MOON™ Blue Torenia hybrid

MOON™ Magenta Torenia hybrid

MOON ™ Blue MOON ™ Magenta MOON ™ Purple MOON ™ Rose MOON ™ White MOON ™ Yellow

MOON™ Purple Torenia hybrid

MOON™ Rose Torenia hybrid

MOON™White Torenia hybrid

MOON™ Yellow Torenia hybrid

866-774-8727 65



Verbena hybrid

The Estrella series of verbena has been bred for the highest mildew tolerance on the market. As such, the series has won numerous awards for its garden performance and all-season durability in the landscape. These plants start with an upright habit, which makes for an excellent retail presentation. As the plants grow, they become more semitrailing, beautifully filling out gardens and hanging baskets.

ESTRELLA™ Blueberry Improved Verbena hybrid

ESTRELLA™ Dark Purple Verbena hybrid

ESTRELLA ™ Blueberry Improved ESTRELLA ™ Dark Purple


ESTRELLA™ Merlot Verbena hybrid

ESTRELLA™ Peach Verbena hybrid

ESTRELLA™ Pink Verbena hybrid

ESTRELLA™ Red Verbena hybrid

ESTRELLA™White Verbena hybrid

66 866-774-8727



Verbena hybrid

The early compact habit of the Hurricane series makes it great for early season sales. The extraordinary bicolor flowers really light up in combinations or as solo items in quart containers. The superb shelf life on these bicolor verbenas are sure to make the Hurricane series an industry and consumer favorite.

HURRICANE™ Blue Verbena hybrid

HURRICANE™ Pink Verbena hybrid


HURRICANE™ Red Verbena hybrid

HURRICANE™ Violet Red Verbena hybrid



Verbena hybrid

Bred from the award-winning Estrella series, the Voodoo line features unique starburst patterned flowers. The plants have the same great habits and mildew tolerance that growers and gardeners have come to expect from Estrella, but with novel blooms that really pop in containers, hanging baskets or in the garden.

VOODOO™ Merlot Star Verbena hybrid

VOODOO™ Candy Star Verbena hybrid

VOODOO ™ Candy Star VOODOO ™ Merlot Star VOODOO ™ Red Star

VOODOO™ Red Star Verbena hybrid

866-774-8727 67

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