The Button Law Firm March 2019

MAR 2019


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Last month marked the start of an exciting new chapter for The Button Law Firm. After realizing we needed more space for our growing firm, we moved to a new office at the end of January, and it’s been a fantastic start to the year. We loved our previous office, a shared co-working space in Deep Ellum, and it served our clients and us really well for two years. It’s where Ashley, Rosie, Gabby, and I came together as a team. But we were outgrowing it and consistently in need of more space for client meetings (thank you!) and conference calls. It was time to look for our next home. We’ve found all that in an office in the Love Field neighborhood. We dreamed up an office environment that would cater to the needs of our team and our clients. Working with some excellent designers and the stellar team at Front Desk Furniture, we made our dream space. It’s the first time I’ve had my own office, which is wild to think about! There are dedicated areas for each of us. The office has tons of natural light, open ceilings, and everything we need to do our best work. It’s calm and peaceful inside and outside. It has its own well-lit parking lot, as well as a ramp, stairs, and an elevator. We have a designated appreciation wall that will feature pictures of our clients as a reminder of the people we’ve worked with and how they motivate us to succeed. We built this space with intention, and it’s been a team project. We each played a part in influencing how it was created and defining what we’ll use it for. We moved furniture together; we cleaned each room together; our family members even came on the weekends and helped us get it ready to open the doors to you. Even within the first couple of weeks of moving into our new office, the change in productivity was incredible. Having our own designated space means much less time spent on logistical tasks and much more time focused on our clients. Recently, when one of our clients visited us at the new space, they commented on how peaceful it feels. “It’s inviting, peaceful, and modern, not overwhelming like some firms,” they said. Our client captured exactly what we had in mind when we Moving Into Our New Home A PLACE TO GROW

Our new location!

Russell and Ashley in our new space!

designed it: a space that welcomes you and shows you that everything is going to be alright — somewhere you feel at ease and safe from the moment you walk in the door. In the coming years, we’re looking forward to growing here. We plan to host focus groups and masterminds to collaborate with other local businesses to make our community even better. It’s going to help us all prosper together. Next month, we’ll host our first VIP event here to introduce everyone to the neighborhood. Right now, we want to share our excitement with you because you’ve been part of this. Truthfully, we could not do it without our clients or referral partners. You’ve been part of creating an environment in which success is the culmination of team effort. It means so much to serve our community and the people who need us. We’re glad to be here.

–Russell Button



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