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1403W Unisex Thick Knit Baseball Jersey 2001 USA Collection Fine Jersey S/S T-Shirt 2001ORGW Organic Fine Jersey S/S T-Shirt 2001TLW Fine Jersey S/S Tall T-Shirt 2007 USA Collection Fine Jersey L/S T-Shirt 2007ORGW Organic Fine Jersey L/S T-Shirt 2007W Fine Jersey L/S T-Shirt 2011W Power Wash S/S T-Shirt 2102 USA Collection Women's Fine Jersey S/S T-Shirt 2102W Women’s Fine Jersey S/S T-Shirt 2105ORGW Kid’s Organic Fine Jersey S/S T-Shirt 2201 USA Collection Youth Fine Jersey S/S T-Shirt 2201ORGW Youth Organic Fine Jersey S/S T-Shirt 2201W Youth Fine Jersey S/S T-Shirt 23215ORGW Women’s Organic Fine Jersey Classic S/S T-Shirt 23215W Women’s Fine Jersey Classic S/S T-Shirt 23337W Women’s Fine Jersey Classic L/S T-Shirt 2335W Women’s Fine Jersey Racerback Tank Dress 2356W Women’s Fine Jersey Classic V-Neck T-Shirt 2406W Fine Jersey Pocket S/S T-Shirt 2408 USA Collection Fine Jersey Tank 29 24321W Fine Jersey S/S Classic V-Neck T-Shirt 24 2456 USA Collection Fine Jersey S/S V-Neck T-Shirt 13 2456W Fine Jersey S/S Classic V-Neck T-Shirt 24 4000W Infant Baby Rib S/S Lap T-Shirt 119 4001ORGW Infant Organic Baby Rib S/S One-Piece 120 4001W Infant Baby Rib S/S One-Piece 120 4083W Infant Baby Rib L/S Gown 119 5431W California Fleece Zip Jacket 84 5454W California Fleece Raglan Sweatshirt 83 5495W California Fleece Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt 83 5497W California Fleece Zip Hooded Sweatshirt 83 7301W Women’s Interlock Running Short 105 8308W Women’s Cotton Spandex Tank Top 65 8328W Women’s Cotton Spandex Jersey Legging 68 8369W Women’s Cotton Spandex Sleeveless Crop Top 66 8373W Women’s Cotton Spandex Dance Double U-Neck Bodysuit 66 8375W Women’s Cotton Spandex Yoga Pant 68 8379W Women’s Cotton Spandex L/S Crop Top 65 8384W Women’s Cotton Spandex Crop Tank 67 BB053W Infant Poly-Cotton 3/4 Sleeve Raglan T-Shirt 119 BB101W Kid’s Poly-Cotton S/S T-Shirt 115 BB108W Toddler Poly-Cotton Tank 115 BB153W Kid’s Poly-Cotton 3/4 T-Shirt 116 BB201W Youth Poly-Cotton S/S T-Shirt 113 BB208W Youth Poly-Cotton Tank 113 BB253W Youth Poly-Cotton 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt 115 BB301W Women’s Poly-Cotton S/S T-Shirt 43 BB308W Women’s Poly-Cotton Racerback Tank 44 13 22 114 14 113 112 29 21 23 26 22 25 14 25 23 23 34 2408TLW Fine Jersey Tall Tank 2408W Fine Jersey Tank 2410W Fine Jersey S/S Ringer T-Shirt 2411W Power Wash Tank 24321ORGW Organic Fine Jersey Classic V-Neck T-Shirt 108 12 30 21 19 13 29 21 33 2001W Fine Jersey S/S T-Shirt

BB310W Poly-Cotton Ringer T-Shirt BB401 USA Collection Poly-Cotton S/S Crewneck T-Shirt BB401W Poly-Cotton S/S T-Shirt


RSABB3274W Women’s Poly-Cotton Ringer T-Shirt Dress RSABB354W Women’s Poly-Cotton 3/4 Sleeve Cropped T-Shirt 46 RSABB381W Women’s Poly-Cotton Loose Crop Tank Top 44 RSABB4237W Poly-Cotton S/S Raglan T-Shirt 46 RSABB4481W Poly-Cotton V-Neck Football T-Shirt 45 RSABB471W Poly-Cotton V-Neck Henley 45 RSAF3451W Women’s Flex Fleece Raglan Cropped Sweatshirt 78 RSAF398W Women’s Flex Fleece Hooded Dress 78 RSAF400W Flex Fleece Sweatpant 79 RSAF402W Flex Fleece Vest 79 RSAGB300W Women’s Tennis Skirt 110 RSAHJ4320W Heavy Jersey Athletic Box T-Shirt 61 RSAMT4239W Mock Twist Gym Short 72 RSATR334W Women’s Tri-Blend Leisure Pant 57 RSATR3353W Women’s Tri-Blend Cropped Hoodie 55 RSATR3354W Women’s Tri-Blend Running Short 57 RSATR436W Tri-Blend L/S Hoodie 54 RSATR465W Tri-Blend Muscle T-Shirt 54 RSATT328W Women’s Cotton Spandex Winter Legging 68 T407W Baby Thermal L/S T-Shirt 102 T457W Baby Thermal L/S Henley 102 TF304W Women’s French Terry Garment Dyed Short 92 TF3350W Women’s French Terry Garment Dyed Mid-Length Hoodie 91 TF402W French Terry Garment Dyed T-Shirt 91 TF424W French Terry Garment Dyed Kangaroo Pocket S/S Hoodie 92 TF4375W French Terry Garment Dyed Open Bottom Pant 92 TF478W French Terry Garment Dyed Crew 91 TR005W Infant Tri-Blend S/S T-Shirt 120 TR101W Toddler Tri-Blend S/S T-Shirt 116 TR201W Youth Tri-Blend S/S T-Shirt 116 TR301W Women’s Tri-Blend S/S Track T-Shirt 55 TR308W Women’s Tri-Blend Racerback Tank 56 TR401 USA Collection Tri-Blend S/S Track T-Shirt 15 TR401W Tri-Blend S/S Track T-Shirt 51 TR408W Tri-Blend Tank Top 53 TR456W Tri-Blend S/S Deep V-Neck T-Shirt 53 TR461W Tri-Blend S/S V-Neck T-Shirt 54 TR480W Women’s Tri-Blend Scrimmage T-Shirt 55 TRT497W Tri-Blend Terry Zip Hoodie 53 44

14 41 43 45

BB408W Poly-Cotton Tank

BB410W Poly-Cotton S/S Ringer T-Shirt BB453 USA Collection Poly-Cotton 3/4 Sleeve Raglan T-Shirt 15 BB453W Poly-Cotton 3/4 Sleeve Raglan T-Shirt 42 BB953W Poly-Cotton 3/4 Sleeve Dog Raglan T-Shirt 122 BR394W Women’s Tri-Blend Lightweight Raglan Pullover 56 F297W Youth Flex Fleece Zip Hooded Sweatshirt 117 F397W Women’s Flex Fleece Cropped Zip Hooded Sweatshirt 77 F4575W Flex Fleece Turtleneck 9/77 F496W Flex Fleece Drop Shoulder Sweatshirt 78 F497 USA Collection Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie 15 F497W Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie 75 F498W Flex Fleece Drop Shoulder Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt 77 F997W Flex Fleece Dog Hood 122 HJ402W Heavy Jersey Box T-Shirt 61 HJ407W Heavy Jersey L/S Box T-Shirt 61 HVF4528W Mason Fleece Drop Shoulder Hoodie 88 HVF4529W Mason Fleece Gym Short 87 HVF4530W Mason Fleece Gym Pant 87 HVF496W Mason Fleece Drop Shoulder Sweatshirt 87 HVT316W Women’s Heavy Terry Athletic Crop Sweatshirt 97 HVT3370W Women’s Heavy Terry Dance Top 98 HVT3529W Women’s Heavy Terry Cropped Club Jacket 99 HVT401W Heavy Terry Classic Club Jacket 98 HVT427W Heavy Terry Classic Crew Sweatshirt 97 HVT4397W Women’s Heavy Terry Sport Sweatshirt 97 HVT450W Heavy Terry Classic Sweatpant 99 HVT495W Heavy Terry Classic Pullover Hoodie 98 MT497W Mock Twist Hooded Zip Sweatshirt 72 MT498W Mock Twist Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt 72 PL301W Women’s Sublimation S/S T-Shirt 37 PL308W Women’s Sublimation Racerback Tank 38 PL356W Women’s Sublimation Classic S/S V-Neck T-Shirt 38 PL401W Sublimation S/S T-Shirt 37 PL408W Sublimation Tank 38 PL4321W Sublimation S/S Classic V-Neck T-Shirt 37 RSA2314W Women’s Fine Jersey T-Shirt Dress 26 RSA2320W Women’s Power Wash Deep U-Neck T-Shirt 33 RSA2402W Fine Jersey Zip Hoodie 25 RSA2426W Power Wash L/S T-Shirt 33 RSA5254W Youth California Fleece Raglan Sweatshirt 117 RSA54239W California Fleece Gym Short 84 RSA54240W California Fleece Slim Fit Jogger 84 RSA73476W Interlock Track Jacket 106 RSA73477W Interlock Track Pant 105 RSA7423W Interlock Short 105 RSA8312W Women’s Cotton Spandex Halter Bodysuit 67 RSA8336W Women’s Cotton Spandex Tank Thong Bodysuit 67 RSA8357W Women’s Cotton Spandex Jersey L/S Double U-Neck Bodysuit 66 RSA8380W Women’s Cotton Spandex S/S Crop Top 65

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