Solid/Heather Color Chart

Crème (2309C)

Neon Heather Pink (190C)

Camel (4635C)

Faded Purple (272C)

Sea Blue (2377C)

Forest (567C)

Apricot (489C)

Deep Pink (205C)

Truffle (1817C)

Purple (2096C)

Heather Navy (540C)

Heather Forest (3308C)

Butter (7401C)

Paulette Pink (708C)

Maroon (490C)

Orchid (7661C)

Peppered Lapis (2119C)

Ultra Blue (7721C)

Lemon (601C)

American Beauty (1805C)

Heather Cranberry (2042C)

Dark Orchid (248C)

Lapis (2756C)

Kelly Green (7726C)

Sunshine (127C)

Heather Red (193C)

Port (491C)

Light Blue (290C)

Majesty (275C)

Heather Kelly Green (2251C)

Heather Gold (121C)

Red (200C)

Cranberry (188C)

Baby Blue (278C)

Black Aqua (2216C)

Heather Vintage Green (2419C)

Gold (130C)

Red Punch (1797C)

Peppered Cranberry (504C)

Turquoise (311C)

Faded Ink (289C)

Evergreen (569C)

Mauve (5025C)

Faded Hot Sauce (7608C)

Heather Plum (5115 C)

Mermaid Green (7712C)

Navy (2767C)

Grass (7739C)

Faded Mauve (5015C)

Coral (178C)

Eggplant (518C)

Teal (2393C)

Ink (5395C)

Mint (339C)

Light Pink (496C)

Orange (2027C)

Heather Imperial Purple (5265)

Aqua (638C)

Patriot Blue (296C)

High Dive (326C)

Pink (217C)

Tang (1505C)

Imperial Purple (3524C)

Neon Heather Blue (2394C)

Heather Black (7547C)

Coriander Green (2406C)

Fuchsia (2039C)

Heather Orange (164C)

Faded Blue Belle (2726C)

Heather Lake Blue (2151C)

Faded Black (433C)

Lime (7478C)

Faded Fuchsia (1915C)

Faded Rust (167C)

Beni Imo (2716C)

Royal Blue (7686C)

Faded Lieutenant (5467C)

Menthe (2246C)

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