Digitized Workholding 2023

CC e-motion

Application/customer benefits • Mechatronic single jaw drive • Precise clamping force adjustment • High-Low clamping possible • Auto correction of the workpiece center Mechatronic power chuck ■ Mechatronic single jaw drive ■ Automatic correction function ■ Centrifugal force compensation


• Contact free transmission of power and signals via inductive coupler system • e-sensing: inductive component detection / distance measurement (optional)

Technical features • Clamping force max.100 KN • Centrifugal force compensation • Speed max. 3,000 rpm • Clamping repeatability < 5 μm • proofline® = fully sealed - low maintenance

c h  i a l e

r t s a u a i

CC e-motion

4 Mechatronic individual jaw drives

LED for status

Standard jaw interface

Centrifugal force compensation

Cable connections for power supply, sensors, Profinet Suitable for inductive coupling system F180

E-sensing workpiece stop for inductive

component detection / distance measurement (optional), with adjustment (Ø 97 - Ø 273 mm)

Automatic correction function


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