Digitized Workholding 2023

Features GFT-X 4.0 ■ Wireless data transfer from measuring head to table via Bluetooth for the measuring of dynamic and static clamping forces and speed (with included bracket) ■ Built-in camera in tablet ■ Assistance systems : Manuals, Jaw Finder, Chuck Finder, Technical calculations ■ Rechargeable battery , operation time in use: 8 h ■ Smart user interface ■ Tablet suitable for industrial use (Protection class IP 67) ■ Display kN or lbf ■ Languages: German, English, Spanish ■ Measured clamping forces can be evaluated by the integrated software or by the display software on Laptop / PC ■ 4 Measuring heads for jaw chucks and 2 Measuring heads for collet chucks

Gripping force tester – GFT-X 4.0 with measuring head


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