Fore Court January 2019

January 2019

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We’ll Keep You Accountable To Your Fitness

how to help you get a good workout in, every time. They want you to succeed and will help you stay accountable — all you have to do is show up. In addition to new programs like Ladies Lift for 2019, indoor season is going well for our players of all ages. Have you seen them acing those serves? We’re proud of everyone who’s been working hard to improve. We’re also pleased to welcome Bryant University back this year for some exciting matches. Fore Court will serve as the home court for these incredible athletes. Four of their Division 1 matches are scheduled to take place here. These are fun events to host, and we’re honored to be part of upper-level collegiate tennis. Come out and watch the fun. These skilled athletes will inspire you. As you’re looking for ways to stay committed to your fitness and push yourself to the next level, we are here for you. Whether it’s trying a group class for the first time or signing up with one of our talented personal trainers, we have many ways to help you achieve your goals. Everyone wins when we’re accountable. Have a great start to 2019, and see you at the club. -Dave Morin

We’re also excited to offer more sessions of the Ladies Lift program this year. Our first session was a hit! Our energetic trainer, Kara, led a group of amazing women to get stronger and fitter together. Even those who didn’t know one other became friends by the end. It was a great opportunity for fitness and fun — the two characteristics we aim for in all our classes. One of our big pushes for 2019 is to create more accountability for our members. Programs like Ladies Lift and challenges like Sleigh the Holidays are excellent ways to stay accountable to your fitness goals. Because you’re working out alongside others who have similar goals, it’s easier to push yourself through that last rep and stay committed to coming back the next day. As members get to know each other in classes and build relationships with instructors, they see how encouraging this environment is. Our instructors know

Happy New Year! How were your holidays? Our house was full of festivity and fun for Christmas as we hosted loved ones from both sides of our family. Keeping with our tradition, we hosted around 20 of Linda’s family members for Christmas Eve, and on Christmas Day, we welcomed my family to the celebration. I’ll be honest — it was exhausting but well worth it. As you can imagine, our New Year’s celebration was pretty tame. We enjoyed a nice dinner and an early bedtime. After the holidays (and a few extra cookies), it feels like it’s time for a fresh start. At the club, we’re excited to help you make that happen. Our Les Mills group classes are as popular as ever thanks to our energetic trainers and eager members. Participants enjoy the classes because there is always something fresh with each new release.

From Body Attack to Tone, these workouts are a fun way to stay fit.

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