Materials List - Grades 2-7 - Public Speaking + Debate

EXPLO Online Required Materials PUBLIC SPEAKING + DEBATE Grades 6 - 7

What’s in a Curiosity in Action™ Box? When you combine the right materials with top-notch project design and teaching, the combination is magic. All students enrolled in Public Speaking + Debate will receive a box with a curated set of course materials to participate in our hands-on projects and coursework. Each box contains the following materials: Families should be aware that some boxes may contain prepackaged food items; please check for potentially dangerous food allergens as applicable for your student. Included in Box Quantity Alternate materials or where to buy replacements EXPLO Notebook 1 notebook Grocery/Local Store Index cards 25 cards Grocery/Local Store Additional Materials Requirements We also ask that you have some basic household items on hand. These items can typically be procured at your local grocery store or through Amazon.

✔ Item


Location or link to purchase

Pens or pencils

2 utensils

Grocery/Local Store

Technology Requirements ● To take advantage of all this course has to offer, we ask that students have access to a desktop or laptop computer, a printer, and a stable internet connection. Curious about the EXPLO lanyard? All EXPLO course boxes include an EXPLO lanyard. We invite students to wear their lanyard during class as members of our online community. Students are also encouraged to make themselves an ID card for their lanyard - check out the “Make Your Own EXPLO ID” project on the Virtual Quad (accessible via your online dashboard!).

If you have questions or concerns about your course materials, please email

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