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Stay A Neck Ahead Of Your Chronic Pain! NEWSLETTER


Stay A Neck Ahead Of Your Chronic Pain! NEWSLETTER

Here is a quick breakdown of what could be going on to cause your neck pain: If your pain is developing gradually over time and is not the result of any particular injury that comes to mind, then it may be a result of degenerative disc disease. When this develops, you may experience chronic neck pain as a result of fluid-filled sacs that are becoming weakened over time as a result of stress and strain. Physical therapy can help alleviate the pain from degenerative disc disease by helping restore blood circulation and improve range of motion in the neck. This therapy is approached in a careful and deliberate way so as to not cause further pain in the neck region. Sometimes, neck pain develops after a particular injury, such as due to accident or even as a result of a car accident or a slip and fall accident. When this happens, your pain could be a result of a muscle strain or sprain. When this is the case, then using traditional methods like hot and cold therapy and targeted physical therapy treatment can do a lot of good to alleviate the pain. However, attempting exercises on your own could also result in further pain.

Neck pain can be both debilitating and terrifying. When you experience an injury that leaves your neck in severe pain, the thought of not being able to freely turn your head is overwhelmingly stressful. What’s more, the pain itself is unbearable, and since the neck is so sensitive to injury, it is important to be as careful as possible in finding treatment and solutions for the pain. It is incredible to realize how common neck pain is — especially among American adults! More than two-thirds of U.S. adults will develop neck pain at least once in their life, and the reasons for the neck pain are as varied as the population of the nation itself. Injury, muscle strain and even stress can cause significant pain in the neck and upper back. If you aren’t careful, a neck injury can lead to chronic pain, and it is even possible for chronic headaches like migraines to develop as a result of regular neck pain. There are a lot of different ways that you can relieve neck pain, but the best treatment for your personal needs depends entirely on the type of injury that you’ve experienced.


Finding Relief From Neck Pain

In some cases, mechanical neck pain can develop as a result of a change in the neck joints. This may develop as a result of a disc collapsing, which causes the space between the bones to become narrow, often causing bones to strike one another, resulting in pain. When this isn’t addressed, mechanical neck pain can spread, causing the pain to become more severe and covering a wider range of the neck. Finally, neck pain is sometimes caused by radiculopathy, which refers to pressure or irritation in the nerves of the neck, which alters the electrical signals in the neck, causing you to feel more pain throughout the day. Physical therapy can help reduce the pressure and irritation surrounding the nerves, often offering immediate relief from pain and discomfort. These are just some of the frequent causes of neck pain. It is important that you never assume that your neck pain is being caused by one or another of these issues, and that you instead always work with a licensed and experienced physical therapist to determine the precise cause of your pain and discomfort. Is Your Neck Pain Caused by Sleep Issues? There is one more factor that often is not spoken about, but it’s a frequent cause of neck pain and discomfort: sleeping issues. Sometimes, sleeping in a certain position or sleeping on a mattress or pillow that is too soft or too hard will lead to neck pain. Oftentimes, this pain will appear to be

chronic, as the sleeping issue is likely something that you experience day after day, causing the pain to return regularly. It may be helpful to rule out sleeping concerns as a reason behind your neck pain by assessing your sleeping conditions and making any changes that you think may be necessary. Adjust how many pillows you sleep on, the position you sleep in or even your mattress! For more support in finding relief from neck pain, talk to your physical therapist.

Try this stretch if you are experiencing shoulder pain. Relieve Pain In Minutes:

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Relieves Shoulder Pain


EXERCISE BALL - PRAYER STRETCH While kneeling with an exercise ball in front of you, slowly lean forward and roll the ball forward until a stretch is felt.

“This place seriously saved me! I had never been able to walk a straight line. I’d have serious vertigo episodes that lasted for a week. Fyzical was recommended to me by my doctor. I was skeptical at first, but I am here to tell you that balance therapy works! I can now walk a straight line while shaking my head with my eyes closed! This place is magical.” E.D. “I was skeptical at first, but I am here to tell you that balance therapy works!”



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We are invested in your health and we want to bring true value to you and your family. We are introducing a series of FREE live educational workshops. Perhaps you have noticed on our Facebook page, we’ve been talking a lot about back pain & sciatica workshops. We are bringing you these workshops because we want to empower everyone to better understand what’s causing their pain and what they can do to help it.

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So What happens at the workshop?

- We will go over some of the most common myths and misconceptions about back pain and sciatica. - We teach you a sure-fire way to know if you can be helped by therapy, or if you might need surgery. - We’ll get you out of your seat (as tolerated) to try some testing, movements, and positions to help you understand what’s causing your pain. - There will be a demonstration to show you what hands-on manual therapy can do. - We’ll also cover what permanent relief looks like without medications, injections or surgery.

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Rather than printing exercises on paper for you as we’ve done in the past, we now have the option to prescribe specific home exercises via our new app. You’ll love the high quality video content that stays in your pocket for reference and recording completion. Reach out to us to participate in this new platform.

Please share with family and friends who would benefit from this totally free educational workshop.

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