2020 TSEP Success Report

TSEP Success Report - 2020



OUR RANKINGS ARE NO ACCIDENT: $600 million in new investment & 2,000 new jobs over the last 8 years.

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When Tiffin-Seneca placed fourth in the na- tion for economic development, we partnered with RGP Northwest Ohio to place a full-age ad similar to what you see on this page in Site

Selection magazine, marketing to 42,000 qualified subscribers engaged in site selec- tion globally. We touted our education, our available industrial space, our workforce, our aggressive incentives, and low cost of living and doing business. At the same time, we are actively working to facilitate the construction of a new spec building and ex- pansion of industrial park land in 2021. We understand one in four workers in Seneca County is employed in manufacturing, and industrial companies have been one of the backbones of our economy since the second half of the 19th century.

Ranking by Site Selection Magazine for large, private economic development projects out of 531 micropolitans in the US for Seneca County, Ohio

The amount of new industrial investment announced in 2020, from 69 projects in the manufacturing, wholesale and logistics sectors. The amount of new commercial investment announced in 2020, from 56 projects in the retail, finance and insurance, services, arts and entertainment, and hospitality and food sectors. $57 million $13 million

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