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Kids’ Crazy Schedules?

Try These 3 Tips Instead

Teamwork Makes the DreamWork While you’re busy trying to rally the troops at soccer practice, the scene at home resembles a horror movie. Laundry is piling up, food is spoiling in the fridge, and the dust bunnies around

At Stretch Physical Therapy, we’re constantly looking for new ways to reach out to our community and transform more lives than ever before through powerful alternatives to medications, injections, and surgery. For us, health and wellness aren’t just our business — they’re our mission. It’s our personal goal to lift as many people out of the throes of chronic pain and disease as possible. That’s why, this month, we’re excited to announce our upcoming free community Dine and Learn event, organized by physical therapy aide, wellness expert, and Stretch Physical Therapy founder Kim Nartker! On September 24 , we will gather with 20 lucky attendees over a free dinner to discuss everything you need to know to start your journey toward a life free of chronic pain and disease, without expensive, dangerous, or invasive interventions like surgery or pills. SEPTEMBER 24! Learn EverythingYou Need to Get Healthy Dine and Learn School has started. Youth sports are in full swing. Work is crazy. Food has become more about necessity than enjoyment. All of this can only mean one thing: Fall has begun. The crazy schedules this time of year can make it tough for parents to keep their heads on straight; making it through the insanity sometimes feels more like survival than life. But there are tactics you can employ to turn the tide and find more time for yourself. Tag Team There’s no reason to try to do everything on your own. The phrase “It takes a village to raise a child” exists because managing the stressors of life requires help. A great place to start is by establishing car pools with a parent group you trust. You can alternate drivers weekly, which provides the opportunity for you to focus your attention on other priorities — or if you’re lucky, have some freedom. The Right Tool for the Job Technology makes organization easier and more accessible than ever. By using a tool like a shared calendar, you can coordinate the entire family’s schedule so you never miss a beat. And apps like Mealime and MealBoard give you the ability to whip up food that is cost-effective and delicious.

the house now have names. Housecleaning is a part-time job in its own right. The only way to stay on top of duties around the house is to work together. A chore chart with clear responsibilities is a great place to start. Whether you have one child or eight, everyone is capable of pitching in. You can have all the organizational abilities in the world, but the best way to manage life’s madness isn’t by directing day-to-day tasks; it’s by managing stress. Instead of using these tools to control life, look at them as a way to free up time so you can decompress and enjoy the things you love.

doing the things you love, this event is the perfect first step. Getting fit and leading a healthy lifestyle may seem daunting, but with a little coaching, anybody can create positive changes in their everyday life! Kim will tackle a wide array of topics, ranging from pain and stress management techniques to pervasive fitness myths that might actually be preventing you from getting healthy. And, of course, she’ll be available for any questions you may have, ready with her expert knowledge to guide you in the right direction. Dinner is provided, the event is totally free, and it’s sure to be a fun, eye-opening get-together that might just change your life. But spots are limited —we only have room for 20 attendees, so don’t wait! Call 513-874-8800 to secure your slot and learn more about the event!

Whether you have sciatica, lower back pain, persistent knee aches, chronic sickness, balance issues, or any other physical problem preventing you from 2

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