US Solar January 2019

3 EASY WAYS TO R E COV E R QU I CK LY F ROM A COL D During the winter months, colds and the flu can spread like wildfire. Getting sick at least once during the season can be hard to avoid, and once you are sick, you want nothing more than for it to be over and done. While there is no way to completely avoid getting sick, there are ways to speed up your recovery. Next time you’re suffering from a cold, try these remedies to get back on your feet a little bit faster. Elderberry Syrup Also referred to as elderberry extract, this syrup is made from a plant called European elder. It can be purchased at many health food stores or made at home (but use caution when doing this, since raw and undercooked elderberries are toxic). Many people swear by the berries’ ability to ease congestion and relieve a number of other cold symptoms. Plus, elderberry syrup is known for having anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, making it an ideal tool for fighting the common cold. Some research even suggests that it can shorten flu symptoms by up to three days. Eucalyptus If you’re suffering from congestion or can’t stop coughing, eucalyptus may offer the relief you’re looking for. Available in several different forms, including syrup, oil, and dried leaves, eucalyptus can be used as an expectorant or as a way to relieve a sore throat. When you’re at home and sick, try adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the water in a humidifier. The results are remarkably soothing! Zinc While many people turn to vitamin C to hurry through a cold, that’s not the supplement you should be focusing on. In fact, an overwhelming number of studies show that vitamin C does absolutely nothing to help shorten a cold. Instead, take zinc. You can find it as a nasal spray or lozenge, or even as part of a vitamin C supplement. One study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that those who took zinc reduced their recovery time from a cold by half. Cold symptoms among those taking a zinc supplement lasted about four days, while symptoms among those taking a placebo lasted about eight days.


“The entire process was simple and convenient. The knowledge shown by the representatives was relieving and fantastic! The installation took most of the morning and the quality of the work was as expected. If you are considering going solar,

US Solar is the route to go.” –Shane Preece

“Unbelievable customer relations from the onset, with Rod showing up to our home presenting the advantages of solar and designing a system compatible for

our home for top energy savings, to the installation crew’s professional, systematic,

unmatched, and unquestionable workmanship on our 21-panel solar system. It’s not possible for another company to come close to the

professionalism and expertise of US Solar. I would highly recommend US Solar to anyone. Guaranteed best company for your solar needs.” –Dennis Scott

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