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I knew I was going to be an attorney ever since I was 12 years old. I used to write in my diaries about how I was going to be a great lawyer. This wasn’t something I stumbled into; it was something I intently aspired to be. Now that I am a lawyer, I couldn’t be happier to be living my dream.

to be that way, and when I decided to move to Jonesboro, I made the commitment to work for myself.

Owning my own business has been one of the most enjoyable experiences in my life, although I’m still learning how to treat my business as a business. It may sound straightforward, but law school teaches you how to be a lawyer, not run your own company. Running my firm brings me joy because I have the opportunity to explore the cases that I am passionate about. I can select situations where I can make a difference and help people. lawyers I’ve had the pleasure of working with and has made this firm something extraordinary. And while we’re on the topic of special, my three kids genuinely take the cake in that department. With my oldest, Ona, graduating from college in May and my middle child, Sonna, graduating from high school in June, I’m not sure how my youngest, Ernest, deals with all the commotion. They all give me an incredible perspective on what I do. Stop by our firm some time, even if it’s to say hi or take a look at what we’re planting in our garden out front this year. We’d love to show you why we are more than just a law firm; we’re women who genuinely care. We care because the real difference is made in people, not in a courtroom. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the individuals I’ve been blessed with in my life. Teri is one of the most talented and amazing

Interacting with clients and helping them solve complex problems is an absolute passion of mine. There is something

special about positioning a case and making a meaningful difference in someone’s life. The law can be a tricky mine field, and that’s why I love educating my clients and setting them up for success through the process. It’s not just the people, either. I enjoy the nitty-gritty parts of being an attorney. It’s not all fun and games, and personally, I thrive on that. I love the research, the writing, and uniquely approaching arguments. Although I knew I was going to be a lawyer from early on in life, going to law school was not what I expected. It was a grind. I had to reprogram my brain to think differently. Going


through life in the law field is not like it is in other career paths. You have to approach every situation with a very particular mindset. This was challenging to me, but I love a challenge. That is why I’ve thrived in different environments. I bounced around after law school, and this required me to take five bar exams in five different jurisdictions. Each one of these expected knowledge of various laws specific to that state. While this wasn’t ideal, I feel very fortunate because it allowed me to gain an understanding about practice areas I otherwise never would’ve known. But it wasn’t always going

–Danielle Obiorah

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