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To: Dr. Ahmer Qamar, DDS Creekwood Dental

RE: Your Viva Account and Recent Request

Dear Dr. Qamar

Your account was forwarded to me due to your recent email regarding a refund of your program. The client marketing agreements only allow for refunds within 14 days of the initial deposit. Our primary concern is to remedy your account and bring about an amendable conclusion to your program. In such instances of discord or upset, we have found over the years that there are usually mistakes or errors, mostly unintentional, which lead to the current situation with your program at Viva. In hopes of resolution I have put together a summary or “time-line” of what has occurred. Again, in hopes to shed some light and more important a remedy of your upset.

Time Track

a. Marketing Agreement

Program. I begin with this agreement as it is the precedence upon which Viva engages with every client. The important aspect is not to lay “blame” with you or with Viva, but to simply give information to expose what occurred for a remedy of the situation.

Your initial payment and agreement began on Sept 8, 2016, a bit over 14 months ago.

Your invoices are attached for your review as well as payments which were made and credited to your account.

b. Marketing Items Purchased per Agreement Marketing agreement between Viva and Creekwood Dental is a 2-year Branded Package which began 09/08/2016. The content of your Viva Program consists of:

• 3,900 VivaPaks with 1 Card • 15,960 Database Mailers with 1 Card • 60,000 Custom Brochures which includes postage

• One-time set up fee • Shipping & Handling

c. Design Approval Viva has designed all materials, Vivapaks, Database Mailers and Neighborhood Mailers. As mentioned above, included is a time-track that shows due diligence to design and obtain approval of your materials. The number of designs done and redone exceeds 8 different designs and renditions. The attached information is simply a recollection of the effort and time spent in trying to service you.

Viva Concepts, LLC

1025 N. Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91202

www. vivaconcepts.com

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