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From the desk of ... Dr. Cathy Beck, Director of CC Schools Dear Readers, I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself. • Make every effort to learn about someone new in your class. Step out and expand your group of friends. Invite someone new to your lunch table. Call people by name and smile when you see them.

My name is Dr. Cathy Beck and I am delighted to be the new Director of Schools for Cheatham County Schools! I am so excited about school beginning this year. I have no doubt that this year will be one of the best years ever! Fall is upon us and it is that wonderful time of year when we can look forward to new school supplies, new

• Give 100% effort in classes every day. Do the work to be prepared for the next day in class. Study, read, and ask for help when you need it. • Ask questions! School is no longer about the teacher giving you the answers but rather it is more about the questions you, as a student, generate and the process you take to find the answers. Finally, I want to send my wishes to each and every one of you for the very best educational experience you can have. I hope school is a place where you know that you are loved and cared for, where you are safe, and where you can find the joy of learning. Have an amazing school year! Always, Dr. Cathy Beck Director of Schools, Cheatham County School District ACHIEVING EXCELLENCE TOGETHER

teachers, cooler evenings, fall colors, football games, and fresh starts! Think about ways that you can take control and be most successful every day. Here are some of my ideas: • Get a good night’s sleep every night. The American Pediatrics’ Society recommends 8-10 hours for children/adolescents. • Do not miss school if you can help it. Of course we want you to stay home if you are sick, but otherwise please make every attempt to be there. • Become involved in an extra-curricular activity or club at your school.

MEET JAN BUCKNER WALKER! Creator and Chief Cruciverbalist

spare moment collided. One day, she envisioned a unique crossword puzzle -- a collaborative activity that children and adults could solve together and enjoy quality time. The idea sat for awhile in her desk drawer at work, but a few years later, at the urging of her parents and husband, she plunged into the world of crossword puzzle construction, learning how to construct grids, develop themes, write clever clues and otherwise weave words into fun. She called the activity Kids Across Parents Down. Within weeks, The Washington Post launched her puzzles and became an immediate hit. Within less than a year, the crossword had become the #1 family puzzle in newspapers and also spawned a book series based on the concept. Later, while grabbing a bite to eat, Jan and her husband, Reginald, noticed that, after ordering their food, families had little to do with their time but wait. Some restaurants offered kids’ menus, but most contained coloring and other solitary activities and none offered an opportunity for kids and parents to talk to each other. She thought -- and restaurants like Cracker Barrel and McDonald’s immediately agreed -- that KAPD might be just the thing for families dining out. KAPD’s partnerships flourished, creating innovative menus with family activities that subtly steer kids and parents toward healthy eating choices.

In speaking at schools across the country, Jan discovered that KAPD had become a hit among teachers, too, who use the puzzle to provide a lively classroom activity. Teachers, who all enjoyed the popular puzzle themes, shared that they would love to see curriculum- based puzzles that could be projected on SmartBoards and ActivBoards. In response to that call, Jan has launched Kids Across Teachers Down and is rapidly developing fresh, new content for grades pre-K through 6. In addition, she is working on the launch of two KAPD iPad/iPhone apps for use in schools and at home. KAPD is truly a family business. Jan operates as President and Chief Cruciverbalist (a way- too-lofty word for crossword puzzle constructor). Reginald serves as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Constant Clue Consultant (CCC). Her parents, both educators, offer ideas and expertise in the development of the educational products and her sister, Lori, an experienced news editor, provides ongoing editorial consultation. As she likes to say, “Life can be puzzling, but the good news is that puzzling is lots of fun.” Editor’s note: We are proud to present Kids Across / Teachers Down crossword puzzles in Let’s Talk Trash-News! See page 9!

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Jan has always believed that most things are more fun if you do them together. Growing up in Silver Spring, Maryland, she was an imaginative child who treasured opportunities to share time with her parents, as long as it involved laughter and fun. The same was true of school -- learning was fine, but at times, it seemed a bit monotonous and ominously serious. One day, she’d do something about that. A self-professed “word nerd,” Jan went on to college, majoring in journalism and taking on newspaper internships during the summers. Soon after, she attended and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania law school and then headed for life as a corporate attorney in suburban Chicago, where she found herself with a heavy workload (and travel schedule to match) and little spare time. But she discovered something between the airports and the friendly skies -- an urge to exercise her creative muscles whenever an idea and a

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