19th Avenue PLAT Study

Future Year Analysis Traffic projections from the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Model (TBRPM) Version 9.0 2045 Cost Feasible Plan have been recently released. In the 2045 Cost Feasible Model, the entire length of 19 th Avenue from US 41 to US 301 is shown as a four-lane facility. Consequently, much of the traffic that is projected on 19 th Avenue is greater than the capacity of a two-lane road, implying the need for a four-lane facility. This would be an illustration of the phenomenon of Induced Demand , where trips are diverted to 19 th Avenue simply because it’s a less busy road than alternate routes. An alternative analysis was conducted, starting with a select link analysis to understand the travel patterns along the corridor. The section of road between 24 th Street and Cypress Creek Boulevard is the portion that will connect the residential area of Waterset to the north and the South Shore Corporate Park DRI to the south, as well as local traffic traveling to and from the schools and library on the corridor. A select link analysis on 19th Avenue west of I-75 was performed using the 2045 TBRPM Model. The figure below illustrates the travel patterns (by bandwidth and percentages) of traffic on this link. The select link analysis illustrates that much of the traffic in this section stays relatively local: accessing 24 th Street, 30th Street, and Cypress Village Boulevard east of I-75, tapering off east of Cypress Creek Boulevard.

19 th Avenue

Figure 8: Select Link Analysis

Hillsborough County | 19 th Avenue PLAT Study | June 2020

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