19th Avenue PLAT Study

Development Pattern and Form 19th Avenue at U.S. 41 Existing Development Context

Future land use for the node around the US 41/19 th Avenue intersection is Office/Commercial-20 at three quadrants (NW, SW, and SE) and Residential-12 at the remaining quadrant. The Residential-12 quadrant has taken advantage of locational criteria policies in the Comprehensive Plan to locate commercial development at the corner, with the remainder occupied by a recreational vehicle park. The Northwest quadrant is occupied by a modern suburban shopping center, the Southwest quadrant is vacant with potential future development of a charter school on a portion, and the Southeast quadrant is occupied by an underutilized shopping center. Future Land Uses surrounding the node are more suburban in nature (Residential-6 and Residential-4) with Residential-12 and Light Industrial Planned Future Land Uses adjacent to the south. The Ruskin Town Center, which is envisioned by the Ruskin Community Plan as a walkable, mixed-use commercial center, is located half a mile to the south of the node. The Ruskin Community Plan seeks to incentivize commercial development away from 19 th Avenue toward the town center. The entire node is within the 100-year floodplain. The current roadway cross section on 19 th Avenue and US 41 is rural and does not provide adequate facilities for pedestrians and bicyclists. However, sidewalks are present along 19 th Avenue, as well as in front of existing businesses on each corner in this node. Bicyclists use the unmarked, paved shoulder. There are no local roadway connections within the node itself, but the Ruskin Town Center has a connected suburban road network a quarter of a mile south of the intersection of 19 th Avenue and US 41. Right of way varies from 100 ft on the west to about 80 ft on the east, with a portion in the middle measuring around 125 ft. Average speeds on 19 th Avenue approaching this node exceed 44 miles per hour for both the AM and PM peak hours (ClearGuide, Iteris data). The posted speed limits is 45 miles per hour. Figure 9 shows the existing conditions for this node.

Hillsborough County | 19 th Avenue PLAT Study | June 2020

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