19th Avenue PLAT Study

Potential Development Form The Ruskin Community Plan seeks to build two-lane streets and retain those two-lane streets that now exist. It seeks to have a community that is safe and enjoyable for walking and bicycling, with a “pedestrian friendly downtown, accessible to the disabled. These strategies are associated with a compact urban or connected suburban pattern and include: 1. Develop 2 nd Street and 3 rd Streets as a local alternative to US 41 with direct connection to US 41, 2. Expand opportunities for biking and walking, and 1. Support implementation of the “Scenic Corridor” designation and design considerations for 19 th Avenue NE, SR 674 and roadways in the South Shore Corridor Plan with the “Scenic Corridor” designation 2. 19 th Avenue NE from US 41 to US 301 should not be designated as a truck route. The 100-year floodplain will likely prevent the level of impervious development needed to support a compact urban development pattern, but will not inhibit a connected suburban pattern. The intersection of US 41 and 19 th Avenue still has significant developable and redevelopable properties to achieve this pattern, as shown in Figure 9. 3. Preserve and enhance the traditional “grid” pattern of roadways. Strategies regarding the character of the 19 th Avenue corridor include: The Land Development Regulations, as currently written, are tilted toward a modern suburban default development pattern. If a private developer wishes to further the goals of the Ruskin Community Plan with a connected suburban development pattern, they must incur additional time and expense to ask for exceptions to the requirements. Revisions to Access Management Regulations and Subdivision Regulations will be necessary to create a connected suburban default development pattern. These will further the goals of the Ruskin Community Plan by ensuring a connected suburban development pattern in this area as a default development pattern. In addition, 3 rd Street and 6 th Street, as a local alternative to the widening of US 41, should be considered for inclusion in the Corridor Preservation Plan as two lane enhanced roads . This will ensure that the connected suburban pattern envisioned for this node as well as the alternatives to widening US 41 envisioned for the Ruskin Community Plan may be achieved. US 41 is a four-lane divided arterial road at this location. This node is planned to be connected suburban, so a pedestrian refuge island (Figure 10) in the median of US 41 at the 19 th Avenue intersection will reduce pedestrian accidents significantly. The Federal Highway Administration’s Desktop Reference for Crash Reduction Factors shows a 56% reduction in crashes on intersections with this improvement. This intersection treatment should be combined with a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB ) to maximize pedestrian safety.

Hillsborough County | 19 th Avenue PLAT Study | June 2020

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