19th Avenue PLAT Study

Figure 11: 19 th Avenue @ US 41 Node cross section Summary Recommendations In summary, a connected suburban development pattern can be achieved through: 1. Traffic volume projections do not support a four-lane cross section through this node, improve 19 th Avenue as a two-lane divided road. 2. To better connect bicyclists and pedestrians to the overall trail network, the Ruskin Town Center, and connected suburban nodes to the east, the cross section should incorporate the South Coast Greenway Trail on the south side. 3. Install an intersection Pedestrian Refuge Island and Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon on US 41. 4. 3 rd Street and 6 th Street, as a local alternative to the widening of US 41, should be considered for inclusion in the Corridor Preservation Plan. 5. Future improvements on US 41 should incorporate a shared-use path in order to provide safe and comfortable multimodal connections between this node and the Ruskin Town Center. These recommendations are shown in Figure 12.

Hillsborough County | 19 th Avenue PLAT Study | June 2020

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