19th Avenue PLAT Study

19 th Avenue @ 24 th Street Existing Development Context

Future land use for the node around the US 41/24 th Street intersection is Suburban Mixed Use-6. The Suburban Mixed Use-6 category allows up to six dwelling units per gross acre, provided the project demonstrates a clustered, planned development utilizing open space which ensures the preservation of the natural and scenic qualities of open lands. Typical uses also include suburban scale neighborhood commercial, office uses, research corporate park, light industrial multi-purpose, and mixed-use projects which meet appropriate criteria for each location. Apart from the northeast quadrant, this node is fully developed or will soon be developed in a modern suburban pattern. The northeast quadrant is part of the Waterset DRI and is planned for up to 160,000 square feet of commercial uses and single family residential. 19 th Avenue is currently a two-lane road with paved shoulders and open drainage through this node. Portions of the South Coast Greenway will be built on the south side of this node, just west of Wolf Creek. Right of way varies from 115 ft on the west to about 80 ft on the east. HART Route 31 runs through the activity center on 24 th Street, along 19 th Avenue to 30 th Street, past the Amazon Distribution Center before returning to Shell Point Road and tracing its path back to US 41. Headways are between 1-hour and 1.5 hours. Average speeds on 19th Avenue approaching this node exceed 34 miles per hour for both the AM and PM peak hours in the eastbound direction and exceed 40 miles per hour for both the AM and PM peak hours in the westbound direction. The posted speed is 45 miles per hour. Figure 13 shows the existing conditions for this node.

Hillsborough County | 19 th Avenue PLAT Study | June 2020

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