19th Avenue PLAT Study

19 th Avenue @ 30 th Street Existing Development Context

Future land use for the 19 th Avenue/30 th Street node is Suburban Mixed Use-6. The Suburban Mixed Use- 6 category allows up to six dwelling units per gross acre, provided the project demonstrates a clustered, planned development utilizing open space which ensures the preservation of the natural and scenic qualities of open lands. Typical uses also include suburban scale neighborhood commercial, office uses, research corporate park, light industrial multi-purpose, and mixed-use projects which meet appropriate criteria for each location. The northern half of this node is a mixed-use center within the Waterset Development of Regional Impact (DRI) and the southern half is an employment focused mixed use section of the South Shore Corporate Park DRI. The Waterset DRI includes entitlements for 197,800 square feet of office or retail, 88,900 square feet of office, 589 single family attached units, and 750 multi-family units. The South Shore Corporate Park DRI includes remaining entitlements for 2,500,000 square feet of light industrial, 550,000 square feet of office, 239 single family units, and 772 multi-family units. HART Route 31 runs through the activity center along 19 th Avenue to 30 th Street, past the Amazon Distribution Center before returning to Shell Point Road and tracing its path back to US 41. Headways are between 1-hour and 1.5 hours. According to the 2018 SouthShore Transit Study Reevaluation, the proposed roads were not considered for future bus service because of uncertainty in construction scheduling and the density and land use of the surrounding area. However, the study does recommend reevaluating route configurations as new roadways are constructed or existing corridors are widened. As part of Hillsborough County’s Congestion, Safety, and Network Work Plan “Safe Routes to School” (SRTS) projects have been identified as part of Hillsborough County’s 2020 Surtax Project Plan. These SRTS projects will include new and improved pedestrian and bicycle facilities, safety lighting, and school circulation routes. They were identified and prioritized based on the Hillsborough MPO School Safety Study, completed in 2018. The study considered safety, walkability, school demographics, and the number of students who walk to school. The projects were further screened to include schools located in unincorporated Hillsborough County. These schools were then prioritized based on highest risk to safety. These projects will improve safety, walkability, and accessibility with the implementation of safer walking routes to Hillsborough County schools within an established two-mile area of public schools. There are an initial 15 priority school safety projects identified within Hillsborough County, and one is located near this activity center at Lennard High School. Figure 18 shows the existing conditions for this node.

Hillsborough County | 19 th Avenue PLAT Study | June 2020

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