19th Avenue PLAT Study

This node represents one of four major retail destinations within two miles, the others being at Interstate 75 and College Avenue, the Ruskin Town Center to 19 th Avenue, and the Waterset Town Center/Apollo Beach Boulevard intersection. These destinations are situated on the regional south county road network that includes US 41, 30 th Street, Interstate 75, US 301, College Avenue, 19 th Avenue, Apollo Beach Boulevard, and Big Bend Road. Figure 18 shows the regional and subregional road network along with major shopping destinations. The population in 2045, indicated in black numbers on Figure 19, will be over 46,000 people along 19 th Avenue on either side of this node. 28,000 of those people will likely access this node using primarily 30 th Street. 30 th Street will be completed as a four-lane collector road from 19 th Avenue to the Apollo Beach Boulevard Extension. This will complete north south connections between Big Bend Road and College Avenue. The completion of the Apollo Beach Boulevard extension will complete the subregional road network. The geometry of 19 th Avenue as it approaches the Interstate 75 overpass limits the ability to safely provide a dense network of cross streets. Right of way varies from 90 ft on the west to about 245 ft as it crosses Interstate 75 on the east.

Hillsborough County | 19 th Avenue PLAT Study | June 2020

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