19th Avenue PLAT Study

19 th Avenue @ Cypress Village Boulevard Existing Development Context

Future land use for the node around the US 41/30 th Street node is Suburban Mixed Use-6. The Suburban Mixed Use-6 category allows up to six dwelling units per gross acre, provided the project demonstrates a clustered, planned development utilizing open space which ensures the preservation of the natural and scenic qualities of open lands. Typical uses also include suburban scale neighborhood commercial, office uses, research corporate park, light industrial multi-purpose, and mixed-use projects which meet appropriate criteria for each location. The entire node is within the Sun City Center Planned Development, and is fully developed or has Certificates of Capacity for future development. The southwest quadrant is developed with a modern suburban apartment complex, the southeast and northeast with modern suburban single family neighborhoods, and the northwest is planned to be developed with a modern suburban neighborhood shopping center. 19 th Avenue is currently a two-lane road with paved shoulders and open drainage through this node. Sidewalks are present within some of the residential communities north and south of 19 th Avenue. A bike lane is also present along 19 th Avenue, just east of the Interstate 75 overpass, yet does not continue east for long. There is one Countywide Trails project from Hillsborough County’s 2020 Surtax Project Plan that is along the entire 19 th Avenue corridor in the study area. Cypress Village Boulevard provides connection to Sun City Center, a community scale shopping center to the south. Right of way varies from 215 ft at

Interstate 75 on the west to about 110 ft on the east. Figure 24 shows the existing conditions for this node.

Hillsborough County | 19 th Avenue PLAT Study | June 2020

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