19th Avenue PLAT Study

Development Pattern, Form, and Improved Infrastructure Introduction

The widening of 19 th Avenue is a significant capital investment and has the potential to change the character of the community and the quality of life for residents of Ruskin, Waterset, and Sun City. Therefore, in order to further benefit the community, it is prudent to contextualize the corridor in terms of its relationship to the community. This allows us to leverage the transportation investment to build upon and carry forward the vision the community intended in the Community Plans, Comprehensive Plan, and other outreach efforts. This will enable the ultimate improvement to add value to and further the implementation of the community’s vision. The Existing and Future Land Uses along the corridor, along with various community plans, create five distinct nodes through which 19 th Avenue corridor can be contextualized. These nodes are shown in Figure 1 and are, from west to east: 1. 19 th Avenue @ US 41

2. 19 th Avenue @ 24 th Street 3. 19 th Avenue @ 30 th Street

4. 19 th Avenue @ Cypress Village Boulevard; and 5. 19 th Avenue @ Beth Shields way (The Civic Center)

The 19 th Avenue corridor currently traverses vacant land interspersed with subdivisions and shopping centers. Cypress Creek Elementary, Beth Shields Middle School, and the Southshore Regional Library form a cluster of civic uses east of Interstate 75. A review of Certificates of Capacity (subdivision/site plan approvals) and Developments of Regional Impact, however, shows that nearly all of the property fronting the roadway will be developed in the next ten years. In fact, with the exception of the nodes at US 41 and at 30 th Street, the development pattern of the nodes is already set as modern suburban (a pattern that group large superblocks and single purpose pods into master planned communities physically separated from adjoining communities) through projects that are or will soon be under construction. Figure 2 shows the properties in the 19 th Avenue Corridor that have either a Certificate of Capacity approved or a Master Utility Plan in place. The node at US 41 has significant development and redevelopment capacity, and the node at 30th Street will include the bulk of new retail and employment. 19 th Avenue at US 301 is a built node for the purposes of this analysis, the planned land uses at this intersection are modern suburban subdivisions and do not provide destinations necessitating special multi-modal connectivity considerations in excess of what is provided in a context based roadway cross section. The majority of this analysis will focus on the nodes at US 41 and at 30th Street.

Hillsborough County | 19 th Avenue PLAT Study | June 2020

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