19th Avenue PLAT Study

Potential Development Form The modern suburban development pattern will be prominent here for the foreseeable future. The existence of commercial development to the west means that remaining parcels within the Civic Center will have limited development potential, with residential or civic uses likely being most viable. The traffic analysis supports reducing the cross section from four lanes to two lanes at Cypress Creek Boulevard. Speed is a contributing factor to crashes in this node, so the two lane section of the road should be a divided road.

Beth Shields Middle School, Cypress Creek Elementary School, and the Southshore Regional Library, the predominant uses in the civic center, attract non-motorized users . A painted crosswalk, like the “Crosswalks to Classrooms” program in City of Tampa, should be implemented at the crossing of the Southcoast Greenway trail and Beth Shields Way and at the entrance to Cypress Creek Elementary. This treatment will help define the civic center by highlighting the student focus of the node while alerting drivers of the presence of vulnerable pedestrians. The cross section should incorporate South Coast Greenway Trail on the north side to connect bicyclists and pedestrians to the overall trail network and to the destinations to the west. Beth Shields Way should be connected to the Cypress Mill neighborhood via Camp Island Avenue to allow safer local road alternatives for students attending Beth Shields Middle School or residents visiting the South Shore Regional Library. This can also provide some relief to congestion on 19 th Avenue by removing morning school trips from the regional road network and putting them on the local network.

Figure 28: A painted crosswalk near a school. Source: City of Tampa, https://twitter.com/CityofTampa/status/1232334975623626753/photo/3

Hillsborough County | 19 th Avenue PLAT Study | June 2020

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