19th Avenue PLAT Study

Key Findings Key findings of the 19 th Avenue study area include:

• The South Coast Greenway should be built on the south side of 19 th Avenue to provide connection to the Ruskin Town Center, cross at 30 th Street and be built on the north side from there east to provide connection to shopping and civic centers. • The 19 th Avenue at US 41 Node has the potential for development and redevelopment with connected roadway network patterns (Connected Suburban) that links to the planned Ruskin Town Center to the south. • The 19 th Avenue @ 24 th Street Node will develop as a modern suburban neighborhood center • The 19 th Avenue @ 30 th Street Node will be a connected suburban mixed use community center serving the larger Waterset community to the north, new subdivisions to the east and west and South Shore Corporate Park to the south • The entire area east of Interstate 75 will develop in a modern suburban form, but local connections to the civic center are still possible. • The Land Development Code delivers a modern suburban form as a default development pattern.

The recommendations are organized by nodes. Areawide recommendations are found on page 45.

Hillsborough County | 19 th Avenue PLAT Study | June 2020

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