19th Avenue PLAT Study

Nodes The southern part of Hillsborough County is rapidly expanding and is the fastest growing area within the County. The areas of potential growth within the study area are shown in Figure 3 and are based on the Imagine 2040 Plan’s Areas of Potential Growth Levels from the Hillsborough County Vision Map. Areas of Potential Growth Levels describe the location, intensity, and character of expect growth through the year 2040. The darker the color of the color scale, the higher the intensity and density. The LRTP Imagine 2040 Vision along 19 th Avenue calls for suburban and high intensity suburban growth. It also recognizes the Wolf Branch Creek Nature Preserve and Bullfrog Creek Mitigation Area as environmental areas. Neighborhoods in Sun City and Apollo Beach are identified established areas that will not experience significant change. A study of Hillsborough County’s approach to mixed-use development, “Mixed Use and Strip Commercial (MUSC) in Hillsborough County,” was completed in 2014. This study recommended approaches that can facilitate delivering a more functional mixed-use development pattern in Hillsborough County’s mixed- use land use categories. To understand mixed-use form, three prototype forms were identified – Modern Suburban, Connected Suburban, and Compact Urban. The vision of the Imagine 2040 plan is further refined in this report through the application of these place types within those suburban and high intensity suburban vision areas.

Hillsborough County | 19 th Avenue PLAT Study | June 2020

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