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Supported Disability Housing We support our NDIS clients to access suitable living options. • Six new properties were secured within the private rental market for NDIS clients • Two of our respite properties used for short stays have been refurbished and updated • Momentum Collective and ADAPT Housing partnered on a 10-unit SDA complex Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) development in Loganlea. Other Housing Initiatives We worked on several SDA partnerships with organisations such as Vera Living, Direct Property Network Casa Capace and Adapt Housing during the year. Access to a broader range of SIL and SDA properties is key to finding suitable housing for our clients. Best practice designs are incorporated to provide a highly modified home to support people living independently within their communities. During the year, we participated in the community housing industry’s cadetship program. Jointly funded by the industry and government, it has enabled us to employ young people to study toward their social housing qualification.

Affordable Housing Construction commenced on an eight apartment complex located in Centre Street, Casino. The development will include one disability accessible unit. It will benefit key workers and other low-income earners that are contributing to their local communities. Units will be completed in early 2022 and combined with other place-based initiatives to boost community wellbeing and resilience.






Special thanks Special thanks to our dedicated CH Team who consistently go above and beyond, but also to all stakeholders including our tenants, private landlords, State and Local Government Departments, MP’s, Mayors and Local Councillors who have made positive contributions in our communities.

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