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Empower! STA Camp During April, our Empower! program held a two day camp for NDIS clients at a fantastic farmhouse in Cawongla, NSW. Participants enjoyed bush walking, roasting marshmallows around the fire, board games, feeding animals, learning about and brushing the horses, and training around animals. Short Term Accommodation (STA) provides support and accommodation outside of a participant’s usual home. The funding can be used to provide respite to families and carers and also allows participants to experience time away from home and gain independence. Our Empower! Short Term Accommodation program is continuing to expand, and we look forward to offering more camps in the coming months. Stay tuned for more adventures.

Prioritising Health and Wellbeing Deborah has been receiving supports from Momentum Collective in Casino, NSW, since 2015. Empower! is a second home for her. Deborah’s favourite part of the program is friendship, visiting the community gardens and going to the gym. Deborah also loves to cook, and when asked what skills she has developed most, she answers, “I’ve been learning lots of things. Cooking, I’ve been learning what makes a healthy meal, what ingredients to buy and how to cook healthy meals.” Deborah’s goals include improving her emotional and physical wellbeing. By participating in social activities with peers and building her skills, she aims to contribute more at home with her family. “I am proud of being healthier, and I have lost weight and am exercising. I know more about being healthy and am trying to make healthier meals at home for the family.” Momentum Collective support workers have also supported Deborah to develop her money skills, including budgeting for her groceries. “I’ve been learning money skills like adding up grocery items and how much the whole grocery shop will cost. How much I need to give the cashier and how much change I should get. I’m getting better at knowing which money note to give to cover how much something is going to cost”. Although COVID-19 restrictions have been challenging at times, Deborah has continued to excel and remains positive as she continues.

“I know more about being healthy and am trying to make healthier meals at home for the family.” ~ Deborah

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