Memorial Creative Guide

Memorial Creative Guide

Create an Expression of Remembrance, Distinction & Time

Eight Primary Areas of Life

Personalizing a Memory


Memorials can serve as historical record. However, they can provide so much more. Memorials can tell the story of life. A persons treasured memories, celebrated moments and passion for life can personalize their memorial. You can express the gift of their life through symbolism, written word and design. Technology today offers many more options at no additional cost. Your First Step is Reflection How we live and love is what matters most in life. We want to make sure you understand your memorial options. You control the creative process and determine what memories you want to express and the story you want to tell. This creative process can be very simple and meaningful. The "Legacy Creative Guide" is designed to help you reflect and remember all eight aspects of life and discover what is most important. Focus in on the gifts and memories you want to express. Your Authorized Memorial Counselor will then guide you through the collaborative process of creating a meaningful memorial.



Social & Civic


Faith & Beliefs



Memorial Vital Information Given Name Date of Birth Date of Death Spouse Given Name Date of Birth

Cemetery Information Cemetery Section Block & Lot

_____________________________________ _____________________________________ ____________________________________ _______________________________ _____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ _________________________________

_______________________________________ _________________________________________ ______________________________________

Family Contact Information Name Street City, State & Zip Telephone Email

__________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________ _______________________________________ ___________________________________________

Date of Death Wedding Date Children's Names

________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

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