2019 Q3

CANDIDATES FOR CERTIFICATION Publication of the following “Certified Division Order Analyst” applicant(s) fulfills the requirement as stated in the Voluntary Certification Policy, III C.2 which states: “… applicant’s name will be published in the NADOA Newsletter or other official publication of NADOA.” This allows the NADOA membership an opportunity to present objections to the certification of the applicant. Any objection to the certification of the applicant must be in writing and signed by a NADOA member or non-member who qualifies his knowledge and objection of the applicant. All such letters will be considered confidential and must be received by the NADOA Certification Committee at the following address within thirty (30) days following the last day of the month in which the Newsletter or other official publication of NADOA was published: NADOA Certification Committee P O Box 44009 Denver CO 80201 If the objection warrants denial of the certification or temporary withholding of certification, the applicant will be notified by Certified Mail.


Keletha Brown – Plano, TX Barbara Davis – Fort Worth, TX Dalton Briggs Donaldson – Midland, TX David Elliott – Houston, TX Roxanne Heath – Oklahoma City, OK April Hubbard – Oklahoma City, OK Randolph Keeney – Houston, TX Jamie Nicole Baker – Fort Worth, TX Megan Bowers – Fort Worth, TX Annette Boyd – Tulsa, OK Nicholas Brewer – Houston, TX Erika De La Cruz – Dallas, TX Daniel Dovalina – Denver, CO Evan Michael Hanes – Houston, TX Sarah S Ivey – Houston, TX Tyler D. Lundquist – Warrendale, PA

Teresa Offutt – Ignacio, CO Amy Smith – Oklahoma City, OK Shirley Smith – Snyder, TX Albert Studer – Corpus Christi, TX Valerie Wible – Oklahoma City, OK Amanda Worden – Houston, TX Terri Zurowski – The Woodlands, TX


Tara Miller – Tulsa, OK LaKishea Miller– Tulsa, OK Cyrus Perkins – Houston, TX Heather SaBell – Tulsa, OK Melinda Smith – Tulsa, OK Kacie Tapanila – Houston, TX Myriaya Taylor – Houston, TX Stanley Vargas – Littleton, CO Britney Voelkel – Houston, TX

Congratulations to the following new CDOA!!

Brandon Wallace – Dallas, TX


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