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A college professor, the leader of the underground patriot movement, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and a Russian billionaire find themselves in stark contrast and conflict over the history and the direction of America. This is a fast-paced, sus- penseful read that enthralls all fac- ets of the American life including the good, the bad, and the ugly. A little-known Muslim sect adds to the mystery and to the impact of the storyline.

Light heartedly written to encourage parents in the journey ahead as parents. And the pleasure parenting brings as we come to understand the similarities in our behavior and that of our children.

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An American heritage story, the Saga of the Magoffin and O’Dw- yers and the diaspora from Ireland circa 1800 to America, Australia, Jamaica, and Mexico is chronicled in ASCENDANCY. It is a story of Triumph over Tragedy and of two families that cross paths in Ireland at a very turbulent time and again in America, eventually to intermarry. A Saga filled with action and ro- mance, the story is one of History and Fiction Genre in which fiction and non-fiction is woven connect- ing many historical people and events in a fight against tyranny and oppression and for liberty, freedom, and even survival.

Olympias suffered malicious slander casting her as a snake charmer and her brilliant warrior husband, Philip, as a fumbling drunk. Not true! Philip knew Greece must unite into one country for their sur- vival from Persia and other enemies. The Athenian orator, Demosthenes, opposed Philip’s efforts. Philip lost only two bat- tles to one general, then Philip made a better stone-thrower and drove that army into the sea. Busy Olympias won the hearts of the Macedonians as she en- tertained the many visitors from many lands. Demosthenes efforts to bring to- gether the best armies of Greece could produce to conquer Philip, was beaten by Philip in one day. But, Philip chose a new queen. The consequences were severe. Olympias in the last chapter, tells all!

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