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Amid over a decade-long war, Xander Williams finds him- self as a soldier-in-training in what’s left of the current military. After several months in cryostasis, he awakens to a new reality. As he discovers the modern world that has befallen him, survivors left to fight live on ships in space, since Earth has turned into a warzone, plagued by vile beings. These entities are bent on life’s annihilation. The light humanity once had turns dim, and their faith is tested like none before. Everyone’s memories, serving as the last connections to the world they once knew, are vague, including Xander’s. One person he cares about is

a woman named Leona who gives him the strength to live. The only thing they know for certain is the way they feel for one another. However, as their memories return and the history of the war reveals itself, not everyone and everything are who they appear to be-especially each other.

In 1969 Brad Williams thought base- ball might save his life---- if he wasn’t shipped off to Vietnam. That spring he desperately needed a college baseball scholarship to escape a dreary future of working in Birmingham’s gritty steel mills. Just when it looked like his dreams might come true, violence from integra- tion and the Vietnam draft shattered his neighborhood and tested his conscience. The time came to choose sides. He could keep his dreams if he played it safe and went along like he always had. But how could he play it safe when so much was at stake? Finally he made an ago- nizing choice. But was it the right one? J. Mark Hart is an Alabama-based law- yer and a two-time published author - Fielder’s Choice and The Timepiece Protocols. Hart is recognized in Best Lawyers® and was awarded Lawyer of the Year in 2016, Best Lawyers In Amer- ica© from 2007-2022. Mark and his wife Cynthia reside in Birmingham, Alabama.



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