Lake Oconee July 2017

July 2017



Now that summer is officially in full swing, school is probably the last thing on everyone’s mind. But even though our college days are over, Patti and I always have education on our minds. This summer, we are reminded why lifelong learning is important in our practice. Back in May, Patti and I attended my nephew’s high school graduation. My nephew is a bright kid, and he graduated from the 26th best school in the nation at the top of his class. He will enroll in the University of Florida honors program in the fall, and we are excited to see what the future holds for him! While I was at his graduation, I was reminded of all of the schoolwork I completed in order to practice dentistry. I completed my undergrad, got accepted into dental school,

and earned my Doctorate of Dental Medicine. Patti and I have been practicing for 22 years now, and school seems like a lifetime ago. While practicing, all dentists are required to complete 20 credit hours of continuing education per year to maintain their licenses. After reviewing the number of credit hours I have taken over the course of my career, I realized I have averaged 107 hours each year — more than five times what I am required to complete! Dentists that complete 1,000 credit hours of continuing education in a variety of disciplines and pass a rigorous exam can be awarded the Academy of General Dentistry Mastership — a distinction held by only 2 percent of dentists in the U.S. and Canada. As you are reading this, I will be in Las Vegas receiving my own Academy of General Dentistry Mastership. I’m very proud of this accomplishment because it reflects my commitment to provide quality care through continued education. I am honored and, in a way, I feel like it signifies my transition from student to teacher. However, this award does not signify a halt in my education as a dentist. We value learning at Lake Oconee Dentistry, and we make sure to instill a love of learning in each student we encounter. We work diligently to ensure our associates develop both a deeper understanding of dentistry and a strong commitment to a career full of education. Because we are committed to furthering advancements in dentistry and learning from our own continued education, “We value learning at Lake Oconee Dentistry, and we make sure to instill a love of learning in each student we encounter. ”


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