In the Pipeline Magazine Q4 2016


Since the last time I wrote this column, the British electorate voted to leave the EU, David Cameron has moved out of Number 10 Downing Street, and InorOut seemingly remains up for grabs. With Theresa May apparently in no hurry to implement Article 50 thereby triggering Brexit, the repercussions of that momentous vote look set to continue well into the future. the Labour leadership

And we have invested in a new web store to provide customers with even more ready access to the huge range of products on offer from Pirtek. So, regardless of when Article 50 is triggered and what happens when it is, there is one thing you can be sure of. Pirtek will remain the UK’s go-to provider of fluid transfer solutions.

Yet here at Pirtek, very little has changed. Our customers still require emergency hose replacements to allow them to go about their business. They still require oils and fluids to keep the wheels (and tracks) turning. They still need spill kits to clean up after an oil leak. And they still expect a Pirtek MSST to be on site within an hour of an emergency call to one of our Centres. There is no question that our departure from the European Union will have far-reaching ramifications for businesses and private individuals. And at Pirtek, which is active in Ireland and across large swathes of Europe, those ramifications will be felt keenly. But while regulations and trading arrangements may change, our customers’ desire for swift, reliable and cost-effective emergency hose replacements remains undiminished. Which is why Pirtek continues to invest. We have invested in

Best regards Alistair Wiggins Managing Director (South) Paul Dunlop Manager Director (North)

additional mobile service vehicles to provide an even faster service. We are actively seeking to extend our Centre network still further to provide even faster turnaround times. We have invested in a new customer relationship management (CRM) system to allow us to pre-empt the needs of our customers. Published by Pirtek (UK) Limited Pirtek UK Ltd, 199 The Vale, Acton LondonW3 7QS Tel 0208 735 4408 Fax 0208 746 0256 E-mail

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