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INSIDE : There is a multitude of reasons as to why your kneeandhipmaydeveloppainsuchasan injury from a fall or recreational activity. However many cases of knee pain occurs as a result of one’s habits, posture, and dominance to one side. Our bodies are very complex machines and they tend to have a wear pattern based on the way we perform over time. Let’s consider this perspective: Do the tires of a race car wear in a certain pattern because of the repetitive circular driving? Or, if a car tire is worn on one side, does it mean the tire had an issue or could the car frame be misaligned? I would say the tire is not to blame. Similar to our bodies, the misaligned frame or the repeated motion in a certain direction causes overuse in time. If we carry this principle over into the human machine, our joints will wear, hurt, and flare up EFFECTIVE KNEE & HIP PAIN RELIEF

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in certain locations due to our postural patterns and favoritisms to one side of our bodies. Don’t wait until your suffering or put off Physical Therapy if you had an Injury! If you notice your posture is off and you have muscle tightness without pain, get it addressed before it becomes a problem. If you had an injury from a fall or sporting event, get it checked before it becomes more of an issue or becomes a more severe injury. By seeing a Physical Therapist, you can get the pain under control and will receive reassurance & education regarding what you need to do or avoid to get you better faster. At Austin Physical Therapy, we utilize Postural Restoration Techniques to align your frame better and work to build symmetrical muscle strength so that you can reduce the wear patterns as discussed. By correcting your

posture and improving your strength, capacity, and mobility in the locations needed, we can maximize your performance and reduce risk of future injury. Hips and knees are vital for your performance! Knees fall victim to orders given from the hips. If one’s hips have developed patterns in an asymmetrical manner, it is going to influence how you walk and move with all types of activity. Eventually, it will result in overuse, wear & tear, inflammation,andpain.PhysicalTherapy is not just for those that are already in pain, injured, or post-operative it is also for those that want to perform better, feel better, move better, prevent injuries, and prevent surgeries. We are determined to educate our community about the benefits of PT for all people and we would love to help you achieve a better you!


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