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THE PERFECT BALANCE Why I Chose a Career in Endodontics

I grew up on a chicken and cattle farm in the small town of Petersburg, West Virginia, taking care of 16,000 chickens. Sadly, our family was treated very poorly by the large poultry company with which we had contracted. Feeling ignored and treated with indifference at best, I decided I wanted to work for myself. I HAD to work for myself. As I got older, I knew I belonged in health care. As an undergraduate, I explored a variety of fields under that umbrella. I loved working with my hands, so naturally I started to give dentistry a serious look. It would allow me to work closely with patients, but unique to other fields in the health care industry, it would also give me time to develop a full-fledged business. In short, it was everything I was looking for. I love that in dentistry there’s a balance between patient care, running a business, and home life. Going a step further, endodontics allowed an even greater balance between these priorities. In many ways, endodontics is slower paced than dentistry as a whole. So, I am able to focus on one patient at a time, and for an extended period of time. This gives me the freedom to get lost in a case, searching for a solution to a problem that may not be obvious on paper or even in an X-ray. That’s the tricky thing about pain, and tooth pain, in particular — the source of pain isn’t always what we think it might be. But when the source of pain is identified and treated, you can change a person’s life. That’s what really defines endodontics. People come to us because they are in pain, we listen, then through science and skill, we get to take that pain away. Of course, dental pain relief sometimes comes as a result of root canal therapy. It’s no secret that the root canal still has a stigma attached to it. Despite incredible advancements in the field of dentistry and endodontics, people put off these procedures because they are uncomfortable with the thought of what they think a root canal is. A lot of people don’t realize, in most cases, it’s a remarkably straightforward and painless procedure.

One of my favorite things about working in endodontics is watching patients leave our office, feeling infinitely better than when they walked in. One sentence I hear time and time again is, “Wow, that was so much better than I expected!”The key is communication. We’re upfront about every detail of the procedure, and we follow through after everything is all said and done. We want to make sure every person who walks into any of our offices is comfortable and understands exactly what to expect. While I am hugely passionate about endodontics and patient care, I’m also passionate about family. I spend as much time as I can with my wife and two little boys, who are 1 and 3. I’m also on the board of directors of Chestnut Mountain Ranch, a Christian boys’ home and school, not far outside of Morgantown. The home is dedicated to providing a solid foundation for life going forward, and to restoring families — and for so many people, that means everything.

Dr. Kent McBride


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A TIME FOR EVERY PURPOSE Michael Breus’ ‘The Power of When’

“This 11-year-old male with a noncontributory medical history presented to our office with pain and a periapical radiolucency on tooth number 29 (see picture one). The tooth was diagnosed as necrotic due to dens invaginatus, and a regeneration procedure was performed on this immature premolar (see picture two). The patient returned two and a half years later with a CLIENT-PROVIDED CASE STUDY You know you’re supposed to eat right, exercise every day, and sleep 8 hours each night. You might even have a routine down from when the alarm goes off to when your head hits the pillow. But did you know there’s actually a perfect time to do each thing every day? That’s the thesis of “The Power of When,” a new time- management book by Dr. Michael Breus. Breus, a clinical psychologist who specializes in sleep disorders, realized that for some of his patients the time they went to sleep was actually more important than the amount of sleep they got. By changing when they crashed, they changed how effective that sleep was. “I wondered, ‘What else could this work for?’” Breus says. That wonder led him to look into what else could be timed for maximum efficiency. And the more he researched, the more he discovered. “Contrary to what you might have heard, there is a perfect time to do everything,” Breus writes. From that cup of coffee and your daily workout to when you watch TV, there’s a time for every activity in your day. And by a “perfect time,”Dr. Breus

means a perfect time for you. Much of this book is dedicated to helping you learn your own habits and preferences, so you can customize your perfect time routine according to what will work in your own life. Breus is a scientist first, and his findings are based on hard evidence. His advice on when to wake up, for example, involves the use of a sleep monitor and is based on our internal biological clocks, which were, for thousands of years, activated by the sunrise. Humans were slowly brought into stage 1 or 2 sleep by the gentle increase of light. That method is less taxing on our systems and leaves us feeling more awake when we rise. This book covers everything, from learning something new or drinking coffee to meditating or using the restroom. Whether you want to read a book at the optimum time, or change your sleep schedule, “The Power of When” is a must-read.

mature root and no symptoms (see picture three). Traditional endodontic therapy was completed due to the residual periapical lesion and the lack of response to temperature testing (see picture four). This tooth now has an excellent prognosis due to the continued root development following the regeneration procedure.”









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It can be a struggle to keep our patients properly educated on the best practices for their teeth. Though every visit provides an opportunity for patient engagement, these visits are often too brief to equip our patients with sufficient tips and tricks for them to maintain healthy smiles. This applies doubly when it comes to endodontics. Without extensive experience dealing with endodontic therapy, it can be difficult to advise your patient on how to retain their natural teeth. Luckily, there are abundant resources available. The website for the American Association of Endodontists offers its members several free videos that dentists can use to teach their patients about endodontic procedures. Visit to check them out. Each video is completely free, easily downloadable, and even available on YouTube. The AAE urges you to include them on your practice websites, use them in your operatories, or share them with your colleagues. EDUCATING PATIENTS IN ENDODONTIC CARE Provides Extensive Educat ional Tools for Pat ients and Dent ists

The AAE’s main mission is to provide updated education for patients, general dentists, and endodontists. Whether you’re advising a patient on whether or not they need to extract damaged teeth, or easing their worries about a root canal treatment, these videos will enable you to quickly get your patient up to speed.


SWITCH UP YOUR DAY Is the Nintendo Switch a Video Game Console for Everyone? The Nintendo Switch has been available for a fewmonths now, since its debut March 3. In some places, it’s still hard to find. The Switch, the latest video game console from the Japanese company, has taken the world by storm. It’s quickly proving to be a much- needed success for the company, after their last home device, theWii U, fell short. TheWii U has sold less than 14 million units globally since its launch in 2012 (compare that to the NintendoWii, which launched in 2006 and sold over 100 million units worldwide). With so much attention on the Switch, does Nintendo have another winner on their hands? If you haven’t had the chance to play the device, or it hasn’t piqued your interest, nowmay be the time to give it a look. Since Nintendo introduced theWii in 2006, they have aimed to cater to a broader crowd and bridge demographics. It’s not just kids and game enthusiasts who are getting in on the action. It’s everyone. And one of the reasons why the Switch has such broad appeal has a lot to do with time. It’s a great device for people who don’t have a lot of time to play video games or are constantly on the go, moving between the home and office, and elsewhere. The genius behind the Switch’s design is functionality. You can play the device on your TV or grab the console and go, using it like a tablet. The controllers, dubbed Joy-Cons, click right into the sides of the portable screen, keeping everything in one place—and keeping you moving. Plus, many of the games are designed with the busy lifestyle in mind. Pause the action and continue at your leisure, all without missing a beat.


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Why Dr. Kent McBride Chose a Career in Endodontics

Michael Breus’ ‘The Power of When’

Client-Submitted Case Study

Educating Patients in Endodontic Care

A Video Game Console for Everyone?

How to Journal Without Journaling


How to Journal if You Don’t Like Journaling

Journaling is both a chance to organize your thoughts and an opportunity for therapeutic release, but traditional journaling isn’t for everyone. If you hit a wall every time you try to put pen to paper or worry you’ll have to burn your journal when you’re done, there are other ways you too can enjoy the benefits of journaling. WRITE LETTERS TO YOUR KIDS Framing journal entries as letters to children can help provide a starting point for you. Many parents journal like this with the intent of letting their kids one day read the letters, but that doesn’t have to be your end goal. Nor do you have to write to your kids. You can address your letters to your spouse, a close friend, your mother, or even a loved one who’s passed away. RECORD QUOTES Quotes are special because they capture a profound feeling in just a few words. By recording some of your favorite quotes, you’re able to capture those feelings and reflect on why they resonate with you. Include quotes from historical figures, books, song lyrics, something you heard waiting in line at the coffee shop, or some of the “darndest things” your kids say. GO DIGITAL Apps like Day One for iOS or Journey for Android are perfect for recording your thoughts quickly. Journaling apps are as easy as scrolling down social media, but can be locked for your eyes only. Integrate written segments with photos to create entries you can reflect on from your phone, tablet, or computer.


There are as many reasons to journal as there are options for alternative journaling. Whatever you decide, just make sure it’s something you’ll enjoy doing every day. Happy journaling! |

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