Thriving Magazine, September 2022, Issue 15

Aging is inevitable, but there is a lot of research these days on chronological age vs. biological age. Chronological age is the actual amount of time you have existed in this body and biological age refers to our epigenetic alteration, how well the body functions and whether you have the “diseases” of old age. Science has shown there are many factors that contribute to lowering our biological age. Diet, exercise, sleep and stress levels all play an important role in keeping your body young. And learning to manage your energy is vital in keeping you healthy and slowing the aging process.

I often joke, I think I’ll write a letter to Cher and let her know you actually can TURN BACK TIME.

You see, your body is made of energy, and each of us is actually a toric field of constantly moving energy. When the energy is flowing in a pristine manner, your body is actually in a “healing mode.” This healing mode is your natural state. But stress, poor diet, unresolved emotion and other lifestyle choices can create gunk in the system, slowing down the energy moving through us. (I should note here, this energy is not separate from us, we are this energy. We are energetic beings; all of life is energy.)

How Old Are You… Biologically ?

When you learn to masterfully manage the energy that is YOU, amazing things happen. You activate the energy for replenishing and rejuvenating your body and when you do, the result is healing and a younger you. When you come in and have an energy session with me, I will teach you how to begin practicing to master this energy of YOU for a life with better health, more vitality and joy!

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